Realist Demon King – 68

Head Maid – Eve’s Diary


The diary of Head Maid of Ashtaroth Castle.


And with that, the incident of the ‘Hero’ came to a close.


My Master accomplished this without shedding any blood.


It was no surprise.


He was wiser than any in this world, and if there were any who were his equals, they would be the generals he often spoke of. Mori Motonari, Sanada Masayuki, Zhang Liang, Zhuge Liang, and Cesare Borgia.


In any case, it is my opinion that his wisdom is worth more than five armies.


Well, it is not exactly a contested opinion, as everyone here in the castle agrees with it.




Where did all of this seemingly neverending knowledge come from?

My Master was a Demon King who had been born recently.


I had heard that he lived as a poor nobleman in his past life. He said that he had no real experience in battle.


It was probably true.


It was when he came to this world that he first had to strategize and command in battle.


That’s why he seemed more like a human king than a…no, he had more compassion than any human king. After all, he felt pity for a Hero.


He had laughed and said he was a failure of a ‘realist.’ But I did not agree.

Not many would have wanted to trust such a king.


I believe Saint Jeanne and Toshizou Hijikata would have drifted away from the kind of person who was moved by fleeting temptations and killed children.


So in a way, it was for the best.


Still, Saint Jeanne and Toshizou Hijikata could betray him. But I would always stay by his side.


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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