Flower Field Demon King – 12

Chapter 12


“What? Back already? That was strangely quick. Did you really witness the whole thing?”

“I need a drink! A strong one!!”

He opened the door and ordered a strong drink, all the while ignoring the call of his Guild Master.

Clearly, he was quite stunned as he wobbled into the room and collapsed at a table. On closer inspection, it became evident that he was shaking like a leaf.

Yes, this was not normal at all.


When his drink did arrive, he downed it in one go.

The amber-colored liquid dripped from the corners of his mouth, staining his already dusty clothes.


His behavior was rude not only towards the drink, but the others around him, but no one said anything.

There was something about him that seemed too ghastly for anyone to want to get involved in.


But, what could have happened?

What had caused the veteran Adventurer to be pushed to the brink?

And so the Guild Master took the seat on the opposite side of the table in order to ask this question.


“…What the hell happened? Heaven-Ear Helder. Stop shaking and fulfill your duty. Report!”

And then, the examiner…Heaven-Ear Helder, kept his face downward and replied.


“I-I saw something most horrifying. It was not in the same realm as B-Rank or even A-Rank.”

Oh, so that sullen-looking newcomer was that capable?

This surprising report gathered the attention of more eyes and ears.


“Hey-hey. Isn’t it a good thing that someone like that has joined the guild? Why are you so frightened?”

He said consolingly to Helder. But as the Guild Master, Gunnard’s mind was filled with many thoughts. Then his eyes turned towards Zanatoria, who was the only one laughing.


—Come now, I’m sure he hasn’t done anything illegal, if that’s what you’re worried about.

The man with hair the color of carrots seemed to answer as he grinned back.


“No! It’s not that! He…he…really is capable…but more than…”

Could it be that he used some dark magical art that he acquired through a contract with demons? Perhaps he has an accursed power he gained through praying to an evil god?


While Gunnard worried over this, Helder suddenly opened his eyes wide and said in a voice that seemed to echo from the depths of hell.

“…He’s a pervert.”


He’s a what?

The others had trouble understanding what he meant as well, and they mumbled to each other. Heaven-Ear Helder slammed his empty mug onto the table and then shouted as if he wanted his voice to reach the ends of the earth.

“…He’s an S-Rank pervert!!”


At that moment, all the faces froze.

—S-Rank pervert? What was that?!


While the whole room was silent, Zanatoria fell off of his chair and erupted into fits of laughter. That broke the spell.


“Aye. So you all want to know what happened? Then I’ll tell you. And you will regret ever hearing it!!”


Heaven-Ear Helder raised his mug so it could be refilled. Then he began to talk in a raspy voice.


—I thought something was strange from the very beginning.

He was supposed to be searching for a cat, and yet he started walking to the abandoned district to the west.

As you all know, cats rely on the leftovers of humans, so they wouldn’t live in a place like that.


Ahhh, he would clearly fail.

It was right when I had assured myself of this.

He suddenly stopped in the abandoned plaza and cast a spell I had never seen before… It must have been some kind of earth magic, because a strange and giant flower soon rose from the ground.


At the same time, a most horrible smell spread through the area. I couldn’t help but raise my voice as my stomach threatened to release what I had eaten recently. And while he heard me…he ignored the sound as if I were of no consequence.

Aye, he’s an arrogant bastard.


And then, in the next instant…

It came out.

The thing you’ve all been talking about. The Death Scorpion that has defeated so many Adventurers!


Ohanabatake no Maousama

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