Flower Field Demon King – 12


It was my mistake as well. The newcomer’s odd behavior had occupied so much of my mind that I had forgotten.

This was the place that it was known to hide.


Someone like me would be killed in an instant.

However, I was too far away from anyone to call for help.


Should I just abandon the newcomer and escape?

To be honest, there was a part of me that wanted to. But my pride forced me to stay.


However, before I could turn my resolve into action, the Death Scorpion attacked the newcomer.

This thing that was the size of a two-story building had all of the agility of a monkey!

There was no way that anyone could survive that!


And yet, he dodged the first attack as if it were nothing.

Hell, there was even an amused grin on his face.


After that, the pincers and tail followed with a storm of attacks, which he dodged effortlessly, and then…he stepped forward and touched the Death Scorpion.


It was so vulgar! Like he was caressing the breast of a woman!

But it was the side of the Death Scorpion’s stomach!!


“There-there. That’s a good kitty. How adorable. Hehe. Enjoy the last skill I learned from the previous Demon Beast King, Goromutsu. The art of ‘becoming friends with animals’!”


He said as he started to pet the Death Scorpions legs and back.

At this point, I could hardly understand what he was doing.


Nothing he was saying made any sense.

Besides, the Death Scorpion clearly hated it. If it had fur, it would be standing up.


“Shhhaaaa! Sha! Sha!”

It made such sounds as it could bear it no longer, and started to back away.

But…that’s when it happened. The Death Scorpion got caught on his robes.

Ahh. It happened so perfectly you’d assume it was done deliberately. The entire robe slipped cleanly off of him.


But, could you believe it? He…wasn’t wearing anything underneath!

Furthermore, he seemed to take no notice of his lack of clothing as he grabbed the Death Scorpion without hesitation.

The thing swayed impressively as the naked man clung to the unhappy Death Scorpion. I want you all to imagine it!


Hahaha. Oh, it is too late for regrets.

But at least you have it better than me. For I am an eye-witness.

Still, I could go into so much more detail if you wish?

…Hell no? Well, I expected as much.


But the fight was all but finished.

The Death Scorpion feared for its life and tried to escape, but that man quickly cast a spell that caused numerous vines to grow from the ground and catch it.

Now it could no longer escape.

The Death Scorpion quivered with fear. It no longer had the threatening aura of an A-Rank disaster class monster.


As the poor Death Scorpion let out a shriek that could have only been a plea for mercy, the naked man that looked like a civil servant embraced it…


Oh, it is too traumatizing. I cannot say anymore.

But surely, you can imagine the rest?


“I’m back! Ah, it was more challenging than I expected!”


That’s when it happened.

While the guildhall had the kind of somber atmosphere of a funeral, the door opened loudly.


The person that appeared was Kuders. His tattered robes were wrapped embarrassingly around his waist.

And behind him, was a barely moving Death Scorpion.


Yes, it was alive…


“Ahhhhhh!! This man dragged a living Death Scorpion through the town!?”

Master Gunnard’s scream echoed throughout the building.

While it was weakened, it was still a disaster class monster.

He didn’t want to imagine what kind of chaos the rest of the town was in.


But this was only the beginning of what would prove to be very eventful days.

Of course, it went without saying that the town guards had a lot of angry words for him soon after.

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  1. I mean, you can’t blame the dude. He didn’t know after all. Those people also didn’t bother explaining. Well, he also didn’t ask in detail so he’s at fault too I guess?


  2. Ah, poor MC… already being looked at as a S-rank pervert just for hugging a gigantic scorpion without clothes on. Personally I would think of such a man as insane, not a pervert.

    Thanks for your hard work ❤️

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