Flower Field Demon King – 13

Chapter 13


“The wonders of peace and quiet.”

Master Gunnard of the Adventurer’s Guild muttered by the window, as the afternoon light poured brightly through the glass.

Next to him, there was a cup of tea that had a light red color and smelled of stomach medicine.

It was an expensive medicinal tea that he had forced Kuders to get for him.


Several days had now passed since the unpredictable newcomer’s shocking test results.

So, the S-Class pervert is with us now. What will he do?

…The other Adventurers wondered. However, Kuders turned out to be rather quiet, which was perhaps shocking in itself.


However, he was doing things behind the scenes.


For instance, he nearly ruined market prices by bringing in large amounts of incredibly rare flowers.

For instance, he wanted food for the male Death Scorpion that he named Little Milon, and so he attacked the hunting ground that was for beginners, and nearly caused the source of their livelihood to go extinct.


So in a way, he was causing trouble all of the time.


The fact that all of these were prevented was because of Master Gunnard’s hard work.

Had it been any other guild, there would have been quite the uproar by now.


However, Gunnard had used all of this trouble to his advantage and things were improving greatly for the guild as a business.

While Kuders was a dangerous man who constantly caused trouble, he was also a ‘joker’ who could bring in massive profits if used right.

And for this reason, it could be said that Zanatoria was right to put Kuders under Gunnards management.


But as for Kuders himself… He had now finished bringing in the rare flowers that Gunnard had requested. And so he sat down in the dining corner of the guild and seemed to listen to the conversations of others and take notes.

Apparently, the day’s work was over as far as he was concerned.

That meant he was less likely to cause trouble.

It was a good thing.


It was because Kuders was in such a mood, that the guild was peaceful today…or so it seemed.

However, a most frightful event was slowly but surely lurking under the surface.


“What are you doing?”

Asked Zanatoria as he sat down next to Kuders.

As he had found a profitable use for the good-for-nothing Kuders, the lord of the slave house was very pleased with Zanatoria.

A raise in salary was being planned and Gunnard was able to deal with anything Kuders might do.

Zanatoria was in a good mood.


“Isn’t it obvious? I’m gathering information. Didn’t I tell you that in the beginning? I only entered the guild because I wanted information.”

‘Ah, you did say something like that.’ Zanatoria recalled for the first time.

However, hadn’t he actually said he wanted money in order to gather information?


“Information, huh… What information? I might be able to help you.”

“Then I won’t hesitate. It’s this.”

Zanatoria accepted the notebook and looked at it suspiciously.

This was because it did not seem like the thing that Kuders would be interested in.


“I thought it would be information on the woman. But, him of all people? What are you going to do with this? …Surely, you’re not going to…”

“Of course, not. What do you take me for?”

As there could be people listening, they talked while obscuring the specifics.


Ohanabatake no Maousama

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