Flower Field Demon King – 13


What Kuders had in his book, was information regarding the Crown Prince.

Its contents included news of the prince becoming fat recently, or how his future wife was spoiling him and he no longer put in any effort. His results were not very favorable in business, etcetera.


“I don’t like it. What kind of mischief are you up to?”

“What a terrible thing to say. I’ve no interest in that idiot, really. Gender, ability, character. All of it. I happen to have a really good eye for seeing who people really are.”

While Kuders’s rating of the prince was very low, he was still a man who had hundreds of years of experience in government.

And that was not something the average person could say.


“It’s just that…I am planning a little experiment, for you-know-who’s sake. And so I need information.”

“An experiment, eh? …I don’t think I’ve heard a more ominous word from your mouth. No, I like this even less now. Look over there. Gunnard and Helder are looking at us worriedly.”

In fact, Heaven-Ear Helder was listening to them while whispering to Gunnard.


“Good grief, they really don’t trust me. And yet I am just a good and harmless man.”

“Hehe…of course. Aye, you are good and kind. However, you’re too strange to be called harmless.”

“You’re terrible, Mister Zanato. Oh, yes. I think my watermelons should be ripening soon. Would you like to go and see them? Mister Gunnard and Mister Helder might as well come too, since they look so concerned.”

Gunnard and Helder could only nod.

There was nothing more frightening than Kuders being out of their eyesight.


But they would be reminded once again.

Reminded of just how unpredictable this Kuders could really be.

Upon seeing the watermelons that Kuders had planted under a semi-transparent sheet in the corner of the garden, Gunnard and Helder became speechless and Zanatoria shouted so loud that he nearly lost his voice.


“Kuders! You should have a doctor crack your head open at least once!!”

“Oh, is it not to your liking? I was rather proud of my watermelons.”

Kuders shook his head as if he could not believe how hurtful Zanatoria was being.


“That’s not the problem!! How the hell is that a watermelon!! You bloody idiot!!”

The things surrounded in green vines that grew in front of them, were no watermelons…they were green-skinned, quite adorable babies.

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  1. So far I really like this author. It also felt like the author was making fun of the harem genre everytime Kuders starts one of his fantasies about meeting women.

    Thanks for the chapter and your hard work 🍱

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