Jack of all Trades – 236

Group C


I decided to switch gears and focus on the game. Still, it was hard to forget the sense of irritation entirely.


“There is no point in being so bothered. Or did you actually think I would be tempted to follow that bonehead?”

“I know. But he just came out of nowhere with that proposition. It gets to you.”

“Perhaps. I have lived long and yet have rarely met someone who was so rude. He seemed rather proud to be a light elf, but I never saw much worth in it.”


He really had been proud of it. Something about being the chosen race. Elves seemed to be quite rare already, but were light elves so few in number?


“There are some who say we are direct descendants of the ancient elves. That is all it is.”

“What? That seems like a big deal to me.”


She never told me that! Direct descendants of ancient elves! The ones that died out a thousand years ago…


“Whatever blood may have been there is too thin to mean anything now.”

“That may be…but, bloodlines are important…”


Well, they usually were important to the protagonist… There would be fights over being purebloods and all…


“There really is no point in any of it. Besides, no one can use ancient magic.”



But there was a meddlesome part of me that started to wonder if such abilities couldn’t be unlocked somehow. I don’t know…a special item or something that would awaken the old blood…


Yes, truly meddlesome. Daniela didn’t want it and wouldn’t be happy if I pushed it.


“By the way, where is Lemon?”

“Hmm? Oh, she should be near the front…ah, there she is.”


It wasn’t too hard to spot the person with ash-colored hair. I saw her small head very clearly. She was looking around and trying to find us in the crowd. She was as cheerful and cute as always. A little different from Daniela.


“Look. She saved seats for us. We should hurry. It’s because of you, you know? You complained about not being able to see. So she got front row seats this time.”

“Now I feel terrible…”


Daniela said with a wince. All the more reason to hurry.


I led Daniela by the hand and we waded through the crowd of people until we reached the front row.


“Ah, the two veterans! You’re late!”

“Sorry-sorry. This white weirdo got in our way.”

“What? I’ve been hearing people talk about Adlus and some Adventurers he was angry with. Was that you…?”


She was looking at me like I was a monstrous idiot.


“He was trying to take Daniela away. I only reacted in an obvious way.”

“Ahh… Yes, Adlus is known for doing that around light elves…”

“I see… What a good-for-nothing.”


Seriously. I’ll beat him to a pulp in the main fight.


“He approached me once before. But then he rubbed at his eyes and apologized for the mistake.”


“Well, you have nothing to worry about Miss Daniela. Since you have Asagi here with you.”

“Indeed. And Lemon, sorry about yesterday… I am afraid you went through much trouble because of what I said about the seats.”


Daniela bowed her head, but Lemon frantically waved her hands dismissively.


“Oh, it was nothing! These just happened to be the seats that were open!”

“I see… Thank you, Lemon.”

“Oh…Miss Daniela…”


Daniela raised her head and gently stroked Lemon’s ash-colored hair. Lemon’s face brightened and the two of them stared at one another for some time. Nice.


“Ah, it’s about to begin. I’m so glad you arrived in time.”

“All right, Lemon. Sit here next to me. We will watch it together.”

“Yes, Miss Daniela!”


Daniela threw an arm around her and pulled her closer. Lemon’s hand was also on Daniela’s arm now. They had sure gotten closer…  I would feel rather lonely as I watched the game. Still, it wasn’t exactly hard on the eyes.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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