Jack of all Trades – 108

A Reunion of Sorts

While we ended up being a little late due to the doting master’s talking and getting lost, we were able to safely arrive at the Anthill.

The place was crowded with people, which gave me an idea of just how popular it was. Each table here had a magic stove installed in it, and everyone could cook their own meat how they like it. The Anthill was a barbecue house.


“Ho! Asagi! Over here!”


It was a noisy place, but there was one voice that was louder than the rest, that came from someone who was bigger than the rest. Of course, it was Gardo. Next to him was an underweight man that looked very preoccupied with his meat. It was Ness.


“Sorry that we’re late.”

“I thought you wouldn’t come.”


I pulled out a chair for Daniela and took a seat as well. There was a huge pile of meat in front of us that looked just like an anthill. So that’s why it was called the Anthill…I was drooling by just looking at it.


“Ho! Asagi! It’s been a while!”

“You look good too, Ness. How have you been?”

“The best!!”


He gave me a thumbs up with his usual foolish grin. I stuck my thumb up as well and we bumped fists.


“It is good to see that you two are doing well.”

“And you haven’t changed at all, Daniela.”

“I am always doing well. But even more so when there is meat nearby.”

“Yes, nothing in the world matters if you have meat.”


It seemed that Gardo and Daniela had something in common. Don’t exclude me!

We quickly got started by placing the wire mesh over the magic stove. The wonderful sizzling sounds reached my ears. Once the meat was placed on it, it was the beginning of a full orchestra. Wonderful.


“Ah, so how long has it been since we separated in Fhiraldo?”


Ness asked nostalgically as he poked at the meat. Hmm… I wasn’t keeping track…


“I think it has been nearly two months?”

“Damn it, I have no idea.”

“You…what are you, a child?”


Daniela was better at such things. She could be careless one moment, and then shrewd the next.


“Two months… I don’t know if that is long or not. I don’t see you for a while, and suddenly you have aliases…”

“Well, Ness. I didn’t want it. It’s just that the guild master in Spiris is an idiot.”

“Spiris…ah. Redflame Bordow.”

“Redflame? I didn’t know that he was called that.”


Redflame. He should really be called Loosetongue Bordow. But I suppose it was because of his red hair and red armor. That was quite the eyesore.


“There is one legendary story about Redflame. A long time ago, he killed a red dragon, alone.”

“A red dragon? Are they strong?”

“Strong? Why, they say that any monster whose name includes its color is of the strongest order of monsters.”


Hmm…that’s news to me. So, looking at my equipment that was made of ice dragon armor, did that mean there was a rank above it that was blue dragon? Or was that for water attributes…


“No, the advanced type above the ice dragon is the icicle dragon. And above that, you have the white dragons.”

“Ah, white. So blue dragons are for water.”

“Yes. Water dragons, aqua dragons, and blue dragons.”


You always learned something new from veterans. And I didn’t have much opportunity to study under Daniela…ah, the meat’s ready. I secured my share of the meat before creating a second orchestra with some new meat. Then I threw the cooked meat into my mouth. Hmm, the fat of the fresh meat combined with it beautifully. It was hot, but the heat itself was delicious….


“I heard that Silvergreen used dragon armor?”

“Don’t call me that. But, yes, it is.”

“Mmmm,*chewing* …Asagi’s armor was bought cheaply, thanks to the price collapsing after the Hero suppressed a stampede.”


Daniela added as she stuffed her cheeks with meat. Yes, it was all thanks to Matsumoto.


“Ah, I heard about that. It was a stampede that occurred near the north of Lambrusen, wasn’t it? I remember because it was dragons.”

“Yeah, that. It was stopped because a Hero just happened to be there. And so a lot of materials entered the market at once. I was able to buy the stuff at a fourth of the original price. But it was still expensive.”

“Still, dragon armor is excellent. I’m quite jealous.”

“It really is. It’s comfortable, and has special effects.”


It had great ventilation and was light and durable. It was of a quality that I was used to in Japan. And while I wore it often, it showed no sign of getting worn out. The person who made it was great, and so were the materials. Still, I would take care of it. I hereby ban any oil from splashing onto me.


“You can just use the cleaning spell to get rid of the oil from the meat. Though, there are not many who can do it.”

“Ah, that magic thing. It really is useful. It got rid of the blood on my clothes.”

“That must have been a very skilled user then. That would be quite difficult to do.”

“Really? That person was in the same line as us and started yelling. She made it sound like it was the easiest trick in the book.”


I just call her Fan #1. I had no idea what she was doing now… But, I guess she ended up being a nice person?


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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  1. Fail! Prefect opportunity to advertise Paws and he totally fails! He is even likely in a room full of adventureres that would be interested in where he got his dragon armor from…

  2. Hm? If fan #1 is someone important, the only name that isn’t tied to a discernible character yet was the enchanter who made the OP agility gear…

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