Jack of all Trades – 147

Prevention Measures, Safety and Security


“Alright, Daniela. The first thing is cutpurses.”


Several hours had passed since we left the village and walked towards the east. The sun had gone down and our stomachs were full from dinner. The only thing to do was wait until morning. And so we started to discuss what we would do to beat this dangerous town called Nicora.


“Hmm. Cutpurses. Yes, most of the times they just take what is in your pockets.”

“Right. I think that if you’re not careful, they bump into you with an, ‘oh, pardon me,’ and then rob you blind.”


That totally happens. I say this as if I’ve seen it happen many times, but I never have. But I knew about it, so it was fine.


“But Asagi, do you not put your purse in the hollow bag?”

“Hmm? Oh… Well, yeah.”


I was afraid of dropping it, so I always kept it in my bag… So it couldn’t exactly get stolen.


“And no one would dare steal my bag right? So it will be fine.”

“No. That is careless, Asagi.”


Daniela said as she threw some wood into the fire.


“I myself had had my bags stolen in the past.”



Was she really that dumb…?


“It was a long time ago. I had been searching for an inn. And this child appeared and claimed to be the child of an innkeeper, you see. And then he said he would carry my bags and lead me to the inn. It was as I was appreciating the thorough service, that the child disappeared into the crowd and I lost him.”


“These things happen. So you must take care of your belongings.”


That was the kind of mistake tourists make on their first trip abroad…


“There are other things that can happen as well. For instance, you are so happy to be in a new town and you are taking in your surroundings. And before you know it, your backpack has been opened up…and robbed of its contents.”



That’s something an amateur traveler who is too used to peace would… No, no, no. I couldn’t let my guard down either. After all, this was a different world. And so I decided to hold my bag in front of me.


“But Asagi, advertising the fact that you are being cautious like that can lead to trouble as well. They will see that you are scared, so be careful.”

“What the hell do you want me to do…”


I can’t do this. I can’t do that. So there was nothing I could do to prevent it.


“It’s easy. Always be aware, and if someone confronts you, strike them immediately. It does not matter if they are in a group or it is an ambush. Fight back, head-on and annihilate them. Then they will not bother you again.”

“I’m not sure if the town is what I should be worried about…”


When in Rome, they say. But I didn’t see the point in lowering ourselves to that level of barbarism. We were classy Adventurers. You know, smart, elegant resolutions were my style.


“You say that, but force can only be conquered with force, you know? They will not be moved by mere words.”

“That seems a little harsh. But then again, even if they do understand your words, sometimes people seem to hear them through some mysterious filter. It’s the same no matter where you are.”


I thought back to all the customers that were like that during my night shift. I laughed.


“So you have experience, Asagi?”

“Sort of. In the other world, that is.”

“I see… So they are everywhere. You did of course, annihilate them?”

“I of course, did not.”


I would get arrested.


And with that, the fruitless discussion came to an end. I was not sure that we were really going to be okay…


  □   □   □   □


The following day, we were forced to march through the rain that started in the morning. It was difficult to see, and the road was muddy as hell. I missed asphalt dearly.


“Is there nothing to stop the rain from hitting you on these days?”

“Hmm… There are umbrellas, but they take up so much space. And they are expensive. Most people put on a hood and bear it.”


Huh… I hated getting wet, but there was nothing I could do besides pulling down my hood, which I did. Very deeply. At the convenience store, we stocked those cheap umbrellas…


I pushed my damp hair out of my face and paid attention to my feet for the next three hours. It was just as I was feeling very sick of all of it, that the clouds started to thin. It seemed like the rain would stop soon.


“Asagi. Monsters.”

“Are you serious…”


Things were just about to get better. Horrible timing, guys. At least have the decency to appear where it isn’t muddy.
I pulled out my sword. I had been keeping Presence Detection to a very limited range because of the rain, but I spread it out now. And then I immediately sensed something to my left. It felt like…goblins.


“Are these special rain goblins?”

“No, just ordinary goblins. But do not let your guard down because of that.”

“Do I ever?”




That’s a bold-faced lie! It was just as I was going to claim complete ignorance towards this accusation, when we were attacked by several goblins wielding filthy weapons. They seemed awfully energetic in spite of being under the rain in their underpants, but they were a nuisance to me and would, therefore, have to go. This would be an easy job. Block, find your opening, chop off head.

Of course, I was also staying cautious of my surroundings, so any such stupidity as getting ambushed from the back was impossible. After all, Daniela was covering me. And I was also covering Daniela. But then again, by the way she moved, it always seemed like she didn’t need anyone to cover her. I was catching up to her in terms of level, but my on-field experience was still lacking. But it was important to slowly and diligently work your way up.


“Hey, Daniela.”

“What, Asagi.”

“Up until now, I only thought of goblins as a resource for getting ironware.”

“Well, that is certainly horrible to hear…”

“So what do you need for proof of the hunt?”


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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