10 Years After – 104

F-Rank Warrior vs Dragon


I immediately created a magic barrier to protect everyone.

It would be pointless to only cover one side, and so I made it cover us from every direction and above our heads.


The fire was incredibly powerful.

It burned the walls of the ruins and the bodies of the goblins were burned in an instant.


The magic barrier kept it from hitting us directly, but the temperature was still rising.

And it didn’t seem like the fire would stop any time soon.


“This is a very long fire attack.”

“If this continues, we will not be able to breathe anymore.”



This fire was magical. Magic fire did not need oxygen to burn.

That being said, it did make things easier.

And speaking of air…


“I was thinking about braving it and then attacking when it let its guard down and entered, but that won’t be easy now.”


And so I began to use wind magic while maintaining the magic barrier.

From inside the ruins to the outside. The wind burst out into the open.


Unlike most wind magic, I could not use the air that was around us.

If I did, it would create a vacuum.


But I could create wind magic by substituting the air with magical energy.

In other words, it was a powerful wind of magical energy.

And it now pushed out of the ruins, driving out the flames in an instant.




I heard a scream coming from outside. It must have been hit by the flames.

Its own flames. You reap what you sow.


If we wanted to escape, this was the time.


“We’ll go out at once. Follow me.”


“I’ll run!”




They followed me as I ran.

I could stop the flames again if we were attacked, but it was a lot of trouble.

And so I took them all and ran straight out of the cave.


And there was a dragon.

A dragon so close to the royal capital was no ordinary thing.

And it wasn’t a small lesser dragon either.

It was a giant great dragon.


The dragon looked at us and gave a terrifying roar.

Shia and Serulis shuddered.

They had been overwhelmed by the magic energy in the roar.


The hunting rank for great dragons was AAA.

That meant you needed to have a party with multiple A-Rank members.

Shia was B-Rank and Serulis had the combat abilities of a B-Rank, so it would be too much for them.





Nia and Grulf let out a scream.

Facing a dragon’s roar on your first Adventure was rather shocking.


Grulf’s tail was curled between his legs and he was shaking.

A yellow puddle appeared on the ground under him. He must have been so scared.

But he was still a pup, so it couldn’t be helped.

And in a way, it was a good thing to have an instinctive fear of dragons, who were so overwhelmingly more powerful.

So Grulf still had some of the wild animal in him. I would have to praise him later.


“We should retreat at once!”



Shia and Serulis had decided to escape and then call for reinforcements.

It was a good and sound decision. But that would take too much time.


“I think I’ll have to do something about it for now.”



Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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