10 Years After – 104


I sent magical energy throughout my body in order to strengthen it. Then I rushed towards the dragon.

The dragon unleashed its fiery breath. The ground turned into a sea of fire.

I created multiple barriers to protect Shia and the others.

At the same time I cover my left hand with magic and wave away the fire that was directed towards me.



The dragon screamed weirdly, perhaps in shock.

I reached the dragon and then jumped up into the air.

When I was level with the dragon’s eyes, I slammed my fist into its nose.



It stumbled and then its knees hit the ground. Its mouth opened in order to breath once again.

My attacks don’t stop there, and I drive my foot into the side of its giant head.



As the dragon’s head twists to the side, so does its breath.

The forest began to burn. This was bad.


And so I unleashed a wave of ice magic over a wide area.

In a flash, the entire scene was bathed in white as if it were a winter day.



The dragon groaned as I shot a magic bullet into it.

I wanted to avoid the spreading of damage by taking too long.


It would be simple enough to kill it. But I wanted to ask the dragon why it was here.

I had to make it surrender and then talk to it.


But even after being hit by the magic bullets, the dragon would not give up.

It tried to breath again. I filled its jaw with ice.



As its mouth was closed, the fire spewed out from its nostrils.

Then the dragon spread its wings. It would try to fly away in order to escape.


But I wouldn’t let it. Just as its body lifted from the ground, I froze its wings.

The dragon fell and crashed to the ground.


And with that, I started to cover the dragon in ice.

Everything but its face. And it wasn’t just any ice. It was magic ice.

It would not melt easily and it could not break.


The dragon could no longer move.



“Surrender, and then I will forgive you.”

“You have defeated me. Do as you will.”


The dragon declared its defeat in the human tongue.

Serulis looked surprised.


“It-it just talked!”

“Well, yes. A dragon this great would not find that difficult.”

“Is that so…”


As Serulis and I talked, the dragon interrupted us.


“Can you release me now? I am very cold.”

“Ah, sorry about that.”


And so I deactivated the ice magic.

The released dragon continued to shiver for quite some time.

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  1. I see a bunch of those looking to have another Loli join him, I say throw a buxom beauty into the pond and see the ripples she makes.

  2. The hunting rank for great dragons was AAA.

    That meant you needed to buy a season pass to fight one.

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