10 Years After – 131

Going to Kathe’s House


Goran was in the lead as we ran.

Me and Eric were trying to avoid drawing any attention.

And so we had hoods pulled over our faces and wore masks.


“Don’t you have to cover your face too, Kathe?”


“Nothing, just wondering.”


Kathe was running behind us.

As expected from a dragon, she was very powerful even when in human form. She had no trouble keeping up.


There were guards standing watch at the gates all day long.

They saw us running and looked surprised as they called after us.


“Lord Morton. Has something happened?”

“An unofficial emergency quest, that’s what it is. Let us through.”



That’s the grand master of the guild for you.

We were able to leave the city without further questioning.


“Can I go back to normal now?”

“No, not yet.”


Kathe tried to return to being a dragon as soon as we were out, so I remonstrated her.

We didn’t stop running until we were well away from the main road.


“Kathe, you can turned into a dragon now.”

“Oh, really?”


Kathe started to take off her clothes.


“Hey, why are you taking your clothes off?”

“Because they will rip! That would be a waste.”


That made sense.

Kathe then took in a deep breath and transformed into a dragon.


“What a great dragon.”

“Aye, amazing.”


Eric and Goran sounded impressed.

Yes, Kathe was an impressive dragon.


“Oh, you.”


Kathe scratched the back of her head with her claws.

She had oddly human gestures for a dragon.


“But more importantly, hurry up and get on my back.”

“Excuse me.”


I said as I got on top.

Goran and Eric also jumped up onto her back.


“Now, let’s go.”

Kathe quickly rose into the air and accelerated forward.


“I didn’t expect to ride on a dragon twice today.”

“Gahahaha! And I didn’t think I’d be giving humans a ride twice today.”


Nia was with us during the morning, and so Kathe had not been flying so fast.

Now she was going at double that speed. The wind blew against us hard. I could do nothing but hold on for dear life.


“Kathe, this is too fast!”

I decided that shouting would be of no use, so I used Telepathy magic.


“Of course, it is. I am a Wind Dragon!”

“Is that right? I thought you were a fire dragon?”


Kathe used fire breath when we first met her.

And she also talked about using it when fighting the machines.

So of course, I would assume she was a fire dragon.


“Gahahaha! I am a Wind Dragon. That is why I am fast!”


Kathe flew happily.

Eric and Goran were also gritting their teeth and clutching to her scales.


“We have arrived. Can you see it from here?”


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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