10 Years After – 130

Asking Kathe About Her House



And so I explained it to her carefully.


“You have to use money when doing pretty much anything in human cities.”


“So, you should always ask how much something costs first.”

“Hmm. Hmm.”

“You can read human writing, can’t you?”

“Of course, I can!”

“Then you should look carefully. They usually have the price written down.”

“I see. You are very clever, Locke.”


Kathe said as if very impressed.

Shia watched this exchange and said seriously,


“So your palace has been taken over by the vampires?”

“Ah, that is right. Is it not horrible?”

“Yes. Was there anything in your palace, Kathe?”

“Anything…well… Stuff I used everyday.”

“If it is your palace, then it must have existed from many years ago, right?”

“Oh, how did you know?”


Shia was sharp.

Kathe must be living in an ancient dragon ruin. And a ruin that used to be a palace, no less.

Serulis asked Kathe,


“Was there any kind of machine in this place that you lived in?”

“Hmm. There was… But it wasn’t the kind of machine that the dark ones would want.”

“And what kind of machine was that?”


Philly said as she came closer.

Philly knew more about machines than anyone else here.

Also, it was surprising to see that none of them were intimidated by Kathe.


“Let me see…”

“How were you using it?”


As Philly was asking Kathe this, I turned on my communications ring.


“Eric. Goran. Can you hear me?”

“What is it, Locke? Is this a test?”

“Ah, I can hear Eric and Locke at the same time. So you can talk with multiple people at once.”


This was an especially expensive communication tool.


“The dragon I talked to you about is here.”

“Hm? What do you mean?”

“She turned into a human and visited me at my mansion.”

“But wasn’t this Kathe a great dragon?”


Goran was right to be surprised. But I would ask about it later.


“I’ll ask her about the details later. Right now, she has told me that her house has been taken over by High Lords.”



I told Eric and Goran that Kathe had been driven out of her palace.

Both of them were very concerned about the Evil Dragons and magic machines.


“I will go to your mansion as soon as I can.”

“Me too.”

“Thank you both.”


And then I turned back to Kathe.


“Here, take this.”

“Hm? What is this?”

“It’s a bracelet that allows you to talk with others. You can use…”


Kathe’s eyes glimmered as she listened.


“I see. So I will be able to talk with you whenever I want if I have this!” 

“Yes. And with Eric and Goran.”



She expressed no interest in talking with either of them.

Kathe had yet to meet Eric and Goran.

So I guess it was to be expected.


“Anyway, Eric and Goran are coming over now. They’re both very strong.”

“Oh? If you say so, then I will have high expectations.”

“So, Philly. Did you learn anything?”

“I’m not confident… But if my worst assumption ends up being correct…”


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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