Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 38

The Meaning of Two Saintesses


After being satisfied by having Chiharu sit on his lap, Aeris returned to the mansion. Chiharu and Maki were so small and cute. He would meet them again tomorrow. But in any case, there were people he needed to talk to in order to vent his frustration.


“Edwy! Grudo!”

“What? Aeris, you disappeared before we were finished. You too, Edwy. Think of your elders a little. It is hard work dealing with important people.”


Grudo said quietly.


“Grudo, we are nearly the same age. And that’s not what I want to talk about!”

“Aeris, I know. But that can wait.”


Edwy stopped Aeris with a hushed voice.


“Well then, good night. Thank you for that wonderful dinner.”


Grudo said. Kaider and Nyran had already left, and so Grudo and Aeris had been left to do all the social niceties themselves.


“These young people! Especially that Kaider!”


Grudo grumbled as Aeris led him to the room he had been given. Once they were inside,


“Grudo, you knew about it?”

“About what?”

“Maki and Chiharu.”


Grudo suddenly looked uncomfortable and became silent. So he did know! Aeris was about to unleash his fury when,


“I’m sorry! I couldn’t tell you, but I actually lost sight of Maki and Chiharu from the beginning…”


Grudo said sadly.


“What do you mean?”

“I knew that they would slip out of the castle, and so I sent guards to watch them. But they never saw them leave. They ended up contacting me and saying that the Saintesses didn’t escape. It seems that the birdfolk knew about it, but I decided not to tell you, as you would just be worried.”

“Grudo, you…”


“Edwy, don’t look at me like that. The thing is, I never was all that worried about Maki and Chiharu. Why should I be? Seeing as how cheerful they looked. And they headed to the dwarf country. We like to take care of people.”


Then who was that man they had met in Noir? Maki and Chiharu regretted being so anxious about him when they heard about this later.


“So you didn’t know either, Edwy?”

“I found out yesterday. I figured it out when I saw them flying with Sauro and Saikania.”

“What do you mean?”


Grudo asked with a puzzled expression.


“Maki and Chiharu. They’ve been working as helpers for the cook. They’ve been traveling with us ever since we left the capital.”

“My goodness…”


Grudo’s mouth dropped open.


“He-hehe-hehehehe. That is brilliant! That is wonderful! How lively they are! This generation’s Saintesses! Hahaha!”


He held his stomach as he burst into laughter.


“That Sauro. And you too Grudo. Why can’t you think about things more seriously? What were you going to do if something happened to them? Damn it.”

“I agree with Aeris. I was so worried that I didn’t know what I would do. How could you have been so calm?”

“Though, it did seem like they had been perfectly fine.”


Edwy and Aeris both sighed.


“So, we have to decide what to do now.”

“They want to continue to travel to Gromble as the cook’s helpers.”

“Oh, well that is very amusing.”

“Grudo, stop it. Still, it is true that the whole operation will turn into chaos if they are suddenly revealed.”

“I have not heard of anyone trying to target the Saintesses yet. We should let them do as they please.”


After deciding this, they all sat down. They had been talking so frantically that they had remained standing up until now.


Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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