Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 38




Grudo scratched his chin as he continued.


“Aeris and I have both lived for three hundred years, and yet I have never seen the miasma grow thinner this quickly.”

“I don’t remember how many Saintesses I have seen come and go, but none of them were as lovely as Maki and Chiharu. But then again, the threat of the miasma has never been so strong as now.”

“That’s just your own personal taste. All the past Saintesses were gentle and quiet but wonderful people.”

“That’s easy for you to say, because all the past Sainesses liked you, Grudo. But they never took to elves and beastkin. I was never able to find out if they were wonderful people or not.”


Aeris answered. Both of them had lived for a shockingly long time. Saintesses were usually summoned at the age of twenty. Even if they lived long, it would only be an additional sixty years more or less. Edwy listened with interest and wondered how many generations they had witnessed.


“Arthur told me. That time when Chiharu had a terrible shock about the creation of the magic gems, he became curious and had people look into it. Saintesses create those stones. Everyone knows it, and no one questions it.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that in spite of there being two Saintesses, the stones were being created at too fast a pace.”

“I see.”


Aeris took out the stones that Chiharu had given him.


“This much since the last time. Even though they are in a place where the miasma is thicker, they are creating one stone a day at this rate.”

“That’s impossible.”


Grudo muttered.


“The last Saintess only made one a year. And the Saintess before her made one every few years.”

“So then…”

“It is possible that Maki and Chiharu have created enough stones for a lifetime. That’s what this means.”

“Preposterous. We don’t even understand what kind of strain it puts on them! The lifespan of a Saintess is the same as other humans. But that is only when they made stones slowly in the human territories!”


Aeris began to feel a little anxious.


“While I am worried about Maki and Chiharu, isn’t this only because the miasma is thicker now?”

“Indeed. The dungeons are brimming with monsters as well. That has never happened before. And there are supposed to be more human Adventurers that go there now since the railway has opened… There are more people fighting, and yet it is not enough.”

“Grudo. Maybe there are more magic stones coming from the dungeon as well?”

“Perhaps. Yes. I will have to find out.”


Two Saintesses. If there was a meaning behind it, and it wasn’t by a whim of God…


The three of them hoped that this meaning would at least be kind to Maki and Chiharu.

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  1. So, they suspect that they got two saintesses, and adventurous ones at that, because the world needed that much purifying power?
    That’s a scary thought.

  2. Thx for the chapter . I am afraid bcz of the frequent they produce magic stone it will be shorten their lifespan

  3. So… we’re going to have a new contestant for Chiharu or Maki?
    The grow in miasma probably means that someone or something is creating more, in other words… a Demon Lord.

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