Two Saints – 91

I don’t remember saying anything about being quiet


Maki and Chiharu returned to their room, and after making sure that no one was near their door, they sat down on their beds and faced each other.


“They did say something about how it would be better, in the long run, if our identities remained secret.”


Chigaru started lazily.


“I think he’s just keeping us away because he can’t be bothered to explain anything.”

“You’re probably right.”


Maki folded her arms as she continued.


“So, we can either do something or just sit around quietly.”

“Maki-chan. There’s another option.”


Maki unfolded her arms and leaned forward. Chiharu put a single finger up to her lips and looked at her mischievously.


“We can’t search for the merfolk alone. But we can’t move with Aaron, Edwy, and Zynis’s son either. However, there is something that only we can do, isn’t there?”

“Just us? Saintesses…the gazers!”



Chiharu clapped her hands.


“The border town between Midland and Lowland was the last one, right? And just look at how thick the miasma is here. I think there are definitely stray gazers around.”

“I think they should be alright if they survived this long without us. Still…”


Maki looked outside of the window.


“I feel bad for the gazers who say they are tired as they sway in the air.”

“Yeah. They cross over mountains like that.”


Both of them thought back on the gazer they had met in the border town. Had it wandered around for a day longer, it would have likely attracted attention and caused a big scene.


“But if we called gazers from this window, people will see them. What should we do?”


Chiharu tilted her head and thought. Just then, she heard footsteps coming up the stairs. They stopped right in front of their door, and then there was a knock.


“It’s Aaron.”

“Oh, the prince has become wiser.”

“I can hear you.”


Maki chuckled as she opened the door.




Aaron glared at her, but Maki took no notice.


“I’m sorry to inform you, but we’ll be leaving the inn for a while. I’m sure this will be very worrying for you, but just stay here quietly.”

“We’re 25. You don’t need to worry about us.”

“You’re the last person I’d believe.”


Aaron growled. And then he returned to his room once before going down the stairs.


“Is he gone?”

“Yeah, he’s gone.”


Maki stood up and looked at Chiharu. If they couldn’t do it from the window, that meant they had to go outside. But Chiharu was still dressed as a young girl. They wondered if it would be better to change.


“Are you thinking that it would be difficult for me to move? It’s actually quite easy since the skirt is shorter than the ones for adults. Besides, if we get caught outside, it might be better if I’m still Chouze.”

“That’s true. You rode in the carriage like this and sold everyone oranges. It should be fine.”


Maki nodded. And then Chiharu stood up.


“So, what should we do?”


She asked. Maki grinned and pushed up her hair.


“I just talked to some of the people that work here. I said that I wanted to meet one of the girls I became friends with today. And I wanted to do it without my older brother finding out about it.”


She answered.



Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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