Cave King – 54

Chapter 54 – It was really big!


“What the hell!?”


I quickly created a shield in order to protect Taran and Baris.


A giant shellfish that looked like a boulder… The liquid that the Satan Shellfish discharged was purple in color and immediately evaporated upon hitting the shield.


“Lord Heal! Leave this to me!”


Baris said as he thrust out his right hand.




A surge of electricity was unleashed from Bari’s hand, and the Satan Shellfish started to convulse.


The purple liquid continued to splatter everywhere as it shook violently.

After a while, bubbles started to come out of its mouth, and its insides began to slither out of the shell.


The insides of a shellfish… They tended to be grotesque, but the Satan Shellfish looked more sinister than usual.

And it was so big…


The nausea I had felt on the swing began to return.


Taran was poking at it with its arms.

Apparently, the Satan Shellfish could not move anymore.


“…Thank you, Baris. It looks like your magic training is going well.”

“It’s all thanks to you, Lord Heal. But, it wasn’t my intention to kill it…”

“Well, perhaps you have difficulty controlling your magic energy. Since you have the ‘Magic King’ crest, I think you have more energy than me.”


‘Magic King’… People who had this crest could handle more magical energy, and would eventually be able to use advanced magic with ease.

Before he evolved, Baris was just an ordinary goblin. And goblins couldn’t use magic.

Which meant that he could not make use of the crest.


However, now that he looked like a devil, the effects of the crest were really showing.

And he truly looked like a ‘Magic King.’


Baris looked at his hand and replied.


“Hmm… I will devote myself to improving. However, this is most surprising. I have never seen a Satan Shellfish of this size before.”


Satan Shellfish… If I remember correctly, Baris had crushed a dried version of this substance before.

It was a very regal purple…and he said it was the kind of purple dye that royals would use.


Baris then opened his pouch and took out a shell that was no bigger than the palm of his hand.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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