Cave King – 52

Chapter 52 – A new place to play!


“We are nearing the cave’s entrance! We will soon arrive at the cave’s entrance!”


Said the goblin driver cheerfully.


The smoke from the chimney made it difficult to see ahead, but we were apparently close to the surface.


There were metal pipes with small holes in them that ran along the ceiling and sucked in the smoke so that we did not breathe it in.


These pipes also brought fresh air down to the depths of the caves.

Thanks to this, the tunnels were filled with air that smelled of the sea and the leaves of the World Tree.

Up until the pipes were installed, the caves had been dusty and the smell of sweat was thick in the air. But there was none of that now.


I didn’t understand how it worked, but it was clear that Mappa was very knowledgeable.

In general, Mappa and the others did what they pleased, and so it was quite often that tools and facilities I had never seen before would suddenly be complete.


Oh, I can see the sky now…


“Sheorl’s entrance! Please watch your step as you get out of the vehicle!”


The iron carriage stopped at the cave’s entrance.


However, this wasn’t where the tracks ended.

Apparently, they now extended towards the sea, meaning that the fishermen used it for transportation as well now.

It was a ten minute walk from the cave to the farthest fishing spot, so there must have been some demand for it.


“Well, we arrived!”


I said as I let go of Ril and Mel and got off.

Ril and Mel wasted no time in chasing each other.


So, where should I go first…

As I scanned the island, I saw how much larger and lively it had become.


However, it still felt very small compared to the underground.

Ashton had gone diving into the sea, and according to him, quite a lot of the water around the island was shallow, so perhaps it would be good to reclaim some more ground.


Thanks to the support features of Cave King, we didn’t have to worry about digging into the sea, but it was still a little scary to think about how much water was above our heads.

What if a monster like the Leviathan rammed into the ground…

I would have to make this island safer somehow…


Now that I thought about it, Erevan had talked about making a watchtower.


I could see a great stone tower at the farthest point of the reclaimed ground, so that was probably it.


“First, we should go and play in…inspect that tower. Let’s go.”


And so I started walking towards the stone tower.

Ril and Mel ran ahead of me.


By the way, Shiel the slime was currently on my chest.

Shiel was usually busy taking messages and transporting materials, but I recently found out how cool and comfortable it was to have Shiel on my chest.

And Shiel seemed to enjoy being close to me, and didn’t want to leave.


While it no longer surprised me, we continued to discover slimes while digging in the tunnels.

And thanks to Shiel’s ability to persuade, I was able to tame them. I believe…there were over 500 of them now.

In other words, there were more slimes on this island than any other race.

And as always, they were full of mystery. But as they were useful in so many ways and learned quickly, I was very thankful to have them.


Besides, Shiel quivered happily every time I patted it on the head… It was so cute.


When we reached the tower, I raised my head to look at the top of it.

And I saw something that was very hard to believe.




Goblin children were floating in the air near the top of the tower.

No, there were also kobold and orc children there as well.


However, they showed no signs of being afraid.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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