Cave King – 52


On closer inspection, I saw that their bodies were bound in strings.

These strings were attached to the ends of a kind of metal umbrella that was at the top of the tower.


“…What the hell is that?”


Then the children began to move.

They were now spinning in a circle around the tower.


“…What the…”


Were they being punished by the adults?

When I was a child and did anything careless, they would hang me from a tower that was taller than the mountains.


I still haven’t forgotten the fear that I felt back then.

Perhaps the monsters had similar methods of discipline…


However, the children seemed to be enjoying themselves as they flew around the tower.


“Ah, Chief. How unusual for you to come out here.”


I turned around and saw Erevan the goblin.


“Ah, it’s you, Erevan. What’s happening here?”

“That thing? It’s a kind of swing that was made with Taran’s webs.”

“A swing? I know what a swing is…”


It was something that children played on.

They even had them in the palace gardens.


“But that doesn’t look like any swing that I know… Is it a goblin swing?”

“Yes. Well, we usually don’t make them so high, as you never know if they might break… This was only possible because of Mappa and Taran.”

“I see…”


Mappa must have made the pole and the umbrella in the center.

Indeed, it looked very durable.


It was the same with Taran’s webs. There was no need to worry about them snapping.




As I watched the swing, Erevan looked at me with an anxious expression.


“…Uh, Chief. Do you want us to take it down?”

“Huh? No, not at all!”

“Really? Well, you did not seem too pleased. I thought that we had offended you.”

“No, no. I’m not angry at all. It’s just… Well, I’ve been through some things. In any case, I’m really not upset.”


‘I see.’ Erevan answered in a somewhat puzzled voice.


“If anything, it’s great that the children have a place to play. It was one of the reasons that we reclaimed this ground in the first place. See, Ril and Mel are already…headed towards it. They seem to like it already.”

“That’s a relief! Will you like to give it a go, Lord Heal?”

“Uh, no… I…”

“It really is enjoyable for adults too, and not just children! Now, let’s go!”

“Wait…Erevan. I’m fine.”


I’m… Due to my past experience, I was not very fond of heights.

Just standing up there would be fine. But to be suspended…


“Now, don’t be so embarrassed! Don’t worry, I saw plenty of older men enjoying it too!”

“No, that’s not what I mean!”


I hate heights… Saying that would make me sound childish.

However, now that Baris and Kamyu could fly, there may be times when I would have to travel with them.

Perhaps this was a good opportunity to get over my fear…


“Lord Heal, you really should allow yourself to relax sometimes! Besides, you’ll get a great view of the sea!”


And so Erevan pulled me forcefully towards the tower, and I was put into the swing.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter ^^
    I’d say he should speak up when something is this much of a trauma. Btw: way to go being evil, royal family…

  2. Bruh, that’s one nasty punishment, what a crappy childhood. No wonder a remote bare island is better for Heal. Also the mining possibilities, and the many, MANY, mysteries. And the slimes, the adorable slimes are best support.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  3. Man Heal’s family really are pieces of shit. Hanging him from a tower as a punishment. I’m hoping their country got destroyed by that orc horde that keeps being mentioned and they all got killed. Well minus the sister maybe since she didn’t seem bad when she interacted with Heal.

  4. Wait, Heal said that there are more slimes than any other race on this island. That # was 500. How the fuck could u run an empire with less than 500 people ?

    • you cant but as was stated either in this chapter or the last one the underground area was like a small city or a a large town so not exactly an empire

    • I think he meant the most numbers in each race..
      I don’t remember the exact number per race, I hope it gets recalled somewhere hahah

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