Cave King – 51

Chapter 51 – We departed on an expedition!




Ril, the baby kobold…had been barking cheerfully for a while as she sat next to me.


Up until recently, she had been digging with me, but for the past few days, she seemed to do nothing but play with Mel.


Well, maybe that was misleading. She was just looking after the little bird.

After all, Mel had become very attached to her.


Speaking of Mel, another thing happened that deepened my conviction that it wasn’t a white pigeon.

Mel’s expressions were very unbirdlike… Hmm. Perhaps birds did have similar expressions. But surely pigeons did not smile like this.


From the beginning, I had noticed that Mel was rather too round for a pigeon, but it seemed like it was just getting rounder by the day.

A fat pigeon… No, its body was practically a sphere.


And every time that Ril picked up her pickaxe, Mel would latch onto her as if wanting attention.

Ril would then play with Mel, as if she were an older sibling that had no other choice.


Both of them were small, round and white. And it was very amusing and heartwarming to see them climbing over and licking each other.


While a puppy and a bird were very different creatures, they were very much like siblings…


But then a small change came over them.




Ril sounded a little different than usual.

There was a little anger in her voice.


I wondered if they were fighting, and so I stopped swinging my pickaxe and turned around.


I saw that Mel was pulling at Ril’s arm with its beak.

But Mel wasn’t trying to eat Ril. It seemed similar to when a human wanted to take someone to some other place.


As for Ril, she was shaking her head.


“What is it? You two?”

“Ruff! Ruff!”


Ril answered as she directed her small paw towards the cave’s entrance.


“Outside? Ah, I see… Mel wants to play outside?”



Ril nodded. And then she started talking to Mel in a softer voice.

It looked like she was trying to persuade Mel to be patient.


“I see… Well, Mel can’t really use a pickaxe, after all.”


And even with the night vision ability, it was quite dark down in the caves.

Perhaps it was too boring for a baby like Mel.


“Alright… Ril and Mel. You two go and play outside.”



Are you sure? She seemed to ask as she looked at me.


“Yeah, go along now. Wait…I’ll go with you.”


Rienna had told me not to leave the babies alone.


To be honest, I didn’t think there was any need to worry about Ril at this point, but she was right that I had to keep an eye on Mel.


Though, perhaps Ril was able to take care of Mel…

But then again, it would be nice to see what the others were doing during the day. It had been a while.


“…I can show you around then. Let’s go!”





Ril and Mel hopped up onto my shoulder.


“Alright, let’s go and explore the Sheorl island!”


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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