Cave King – 51


I said, and Ril raised a paw, and Mel raised a wing.


And like that, the Sheorl expedition…inspection began.


As for our starting point.

It was the current deepest part of the cave, and that meant a 20 minute walk.


Well, it was one of the deepest parts, anyway.


The undergrounds of Sheorl were vast, like an ants nest, and had many split paths.

And since there were many others that were digging down here, there were quite a few tunnels that I wasn’t even aware of. So perhaps there was someone who had dug farther than me.


Not only that, but there were traces in the caves that showed that someone had lived down here.


There was a small shrine with golems and then the wine cellar. Both were quite different in structure to anything I had seen in my country. The wine cellar in particular, had much more advanced technology than anything in the whole continent.


And then of course, there had also been a chamber with the Cave Spiders.

That was where we found the Sun Stones that helped plants grow. There was also something like soil. All of this was quite a revolution for our food situation, since we only had meat from Killer Birds and fish up until that point.


Aside from those places, there was also the giant freezer that we had made.

It was to freeze the fish and Killer Bird meat so that they didn’t rot.

If I had to make a comparison, it was the size of the parade grounds back home. If it wasn’t so cold, we could hold some kind of competition inside.


All of these places that I talked about could be reached from a single place. And that was the center aisle.


This was where the iron carriage passed through.

So did the metal pipes that carried the hot spring water up to the surface.

As this place was important, the walls and floors were neatly paved with stone. It made you feel like you were in a castle.


In general, monsters that were tamed by me were able to use night vision within the caves, so they were able to walk just fine.

However, a little more brightness wouldn’t hurt anyone, and so lamps made from Shining Stones were installed on the ceilings and walls.

In my personal opinion, it was more resplendent than any palace.


“Alright, let’s take the iron carriage up to the surface.”


We got into the carriage that emitted smoke and was driven by goblins.


As we rode the carriage, we came into an area with a lot of monsters.

There were rooms near the surface where they lived.


It was once you passed them that you would arrive at the surface…

In a way, it was like there was a whole town underground.


It would get bigger the more we dug. And there would surely be new discoveries.

Perhaps in a year, it would be as large as a country.


And then Ril and Mel would grow up…


I patted their heads as they played against my chest. And like that, we waited for the train to reach its destination.

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  1. And once again it makes me wonder just how deep is this island, maybe if you reach the deepest part and mine it you come out through the other part of the planet lol

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