Cave King – 84

Chapter 84 – I caught a bee!!


“Mappa!! Behind you! Behind you!!”

I shouted. As Mappa hung on the side of the wall, he looked around with annoyance.

What he saw was a giant bee and…

“Mappa! Move out of the way!!”

Mappa’s mouth opened in surprise, but then he offered his buttocks to the bee with a hint of bashfulness.

And then the buttocks that peeked out from under Mappa’s skirt, was stung by the bee at a speed my eyes couldn’t even follow.

Mappa’s face contorted with agony, and then he fell from the wall.

“Mappa! …I mean, why did you offer it!?”

As always, Shiel the slime caught Mappa before he hit the ground.

At the same time, I cast some healing magic while I ran up to him.

“Mappa!! Hey, Mappa!!”

I shouted. Mappa’s cheeks flushed and he looked at me with a stupefied expression.

He wasn’t bleeding…but he was drooling.

Just to make sure, I checked to see if he was poisoned, but it seemed like he was alright.

“You bastard! How dare you do that to Brother Mappa’s plump bum!!”

Haines immediately started to fire arrows at the bee.

However, while the giant bee seemed a little unstable, it was able to dodge them.


Haines unleashed even more arrows.

But now the bee turned away and seemed like it was going to fly off.

“He-hey! Wait!! Ah.”

It was just as Haines started to shout angrily.

The bee seemed to have been caught in something invisible, and it was thrashing around wildly.

Eventually, the light reflected on it, and I saw that there was a thin string.


Haines and I turned around to see the giant cave spider, Taran.

Taran had quickly spun her webs and captured the giant bee.

It was being pulled towards Taran now, like it was a fish caught in a net.

The bee’s body was then wrapped up in webs and lowered to the ground.

“Good work, Taran. Still…I didn’t expect to see bees coming here…”

Killer Birds, Satan Shellfish, Devil Hoppers…and now a bee.

That being said, our previous guests had all come in swarms.

But this bee seemed to be alone.

Taran raised her front legs proudly when she heard me.

Spiders made spiderwebs and so perhaps she had always been good at catching bugs.

I ignored Mappa’s slack face, and moved towards the giant bee.

It was still flailing around wildly. It seemed like it was trying to escape from the spider web.

Haines sounded scared as he said,

“It’s very big…”

“Yeah. It’s the same size as a human, only with wings.”

Its head and body were about the same size as a human’s.

But it’s clear wings were a little larger.

It had the same black and yellow pattern that I was used to seeing.

And the sharp stinger that had pierced Mappa was the size of a sword.

Aside from its size, it was just a bee… However, to me it didn’t look as thin as most bees. Its stomach was swollen up.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. Ah yes, when meeting a huge bee (or bee-like thingy) present le bum… this dwarf… Mappa must have known what the sting would give him.

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