Cave King – 84


“…Well, should we do it? I don’t really like bugs, but it should be edible.”

Haines unsheathed the sword at his belt and was about to stab the bee.

It had to do with how they were raised, I think. Kobolds tried to turn everything into food…

“Wait, Haines. It doesn’t seem so dangerous. I think…”

“But Brother Mappa’s… No, that was definitely his fault.”

“Yes. If it wanted to kill Mappa, it could have done it. I think it just stung him out of curiosity.”

“I-I see… Perhaps? Well, there is certainly something about Mappa’s bum that is…”

Taran drew back upon hearing Haines’s words.

“Th-that’s not what I meant! It’s just that the shape and color are… No, you have it wrong!”

Haines said desperately to me and Taran.

“Well, I think we can agree that it was Mappa’s fault…perhaps the bee thought he was mocking or provoking it. In any case, does anyone know anything about this bee? I need to learn that first.”

“Indeed… It might be best to go and ask Baris about it.”

“Yes. But…it seems to have become very weak…”

“So it has. Its movements already seemed odd when it was dodging my arrows.”

On closer inspection, the giant bee had wounds all over it. Even parts of its wings were torn.

And it wasn’t as if Taran had done it. Clearly, some time had passed since that happened.

It had been unstable when flying, so perhaps it was already quite weak.

Eventually, the bee seemed to give up as it lay limply on the ground.

However, its legs continue to move as if protecting its belly.

Did it have a stomach ache? No, was there something else…?

In any case, it might just die before I could speak to Baris about it.

“I could treat it…”

“Ar-are you sure? It might attack us again.”

“But Taran has it bound up. And if it comes to it…I’ll kill it myself.”

“Ve-very well. But I will hold my sword ready.”

Haines looked unsure, but agreed.

“Alright…here goes.”

And so I cast healing magic on the bee.

Just like that, the bee’s wounds healed. It was almost unbelievable how pretty it was now.

The bee seemed surprised as it started to look around.

“Does it still hurt?”

I asked. And the bee looked at me and stared for a moment.

“Uhh… If it still hurts somewhere, I could…bbbffoo.”

Suddenly, the bee unleashed a torrent of yellow liquid all over my face.

“Ma-master Heal!! You bastard!!”


I wiped off the substance as I stopped him.

“…It’s sweet. It’s honey.”

And it wasn’t just any normal honey. Aside from its sweetness, it felt like it was filled with the scent of various fruits and flowers.


Haines wiped some of it off of my face with his finger and tasted it.

“This…! …Rooooooff!”

After tasting the honey, Haines’s tail wagged happily and he let out an adorable bark.

This was certainly a side to him that I had never seen before.

Then he suddenly remembered himself.

“…I-I have shamed myself in your presence! Forgive me! But I am very fond of sweet things!”

“No, I think I understand… I’ve never eaten honey so delicious in my life.”

“Does this mean that…this honey is a gift of gratitude to you, Master Heal?”


“That being said, it is quite rude to shoot someone in the face like that…”

“Well, I don’t think it meant any harm.”

It was a bee… If anything, I was surprised that it felt any gratitude at all.

That’s when it happened.

<<A tamable monster is there.>>

The Advisor’s voice rang in my head.

“It seems…that I can tame it. So, does that mean that it’s a monster?”

“Huh. So it isn’t just a giant bee then.”

“It looks like it… Uh, why did you come to this island?”

I tried asking it. But of course, it could not understand me. The bee did not answer.

However, it seemed to constantly hold its stomach while looking towards the World Tree. Perhaps it wanted to make a nest there.

As for me, I didn’t want to tame anything without its permission…

That being said, if it was going to live on this island, everyone would feel safer if it was tamed.

“I suppose I’ll just have to…tame you then. As for a name…bee…bees… What about Heath?”

It was a common name in Sanfaris. So everyone would remember it.

The bee did not reply, but there was a sudden burst of light.

<<Naming Complete. You have tamed Heath.>>

And like that, Heath became one of us.

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  1. So, now he has the best honey in the world.

    So far…
    He has tamed
    1. slime (empress’s would)
    2. Spider (thread – may have the highest quality in that world)
    3. Honey bees (that extract honey from “world tree”

    I wonder what’s gonna be next…

  2. Okay… Haines might have tendencies. I really like how Taran acts, even as a spider she (I think it was mentioned some time ago that Taran is female) shows emotions, and sometimes that’s really funny. Also, I think it’s pretty obvious that this bee is a queen bee with eggs or younglings with her (it’s a huge monster version of a bee, so they might be skipping the egg stage).
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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