Cave King – 85

Chapter 85 – I found a nest!


“How is it? Comfortable enough?”

I asked while looking at the large box that had been set up at the top of the World Tree.

It was a hexagonal box with holes in it that was about the size of a house.

And then the giant bee stuck its head out of one of the holes.

Heath’s mouth opened happily.

“Ah! I don’t need any more honey! But you can share some with us later if you have some you don’t need.”

I said, and then Heath’s mouth closed again.

Apparently, the bee was laying something like eggs inside of the box.

So that’s why its stomach had been swollen.

Rienna looked quite pleased as she stood next to me.

“Miss Heath seems to be very content with the new house.”

“It looks like it. Thank you, Rienna.”

“No, no. It’s just that I’ve seen many beehives in the forest! I wasn’t quite sure, but it seems that making it in the same shape was fine after all.”

Rienna had also been the first to notice the reason that Heath seemed heavy.

And since it would have been hard for a bee to build a nest by itself, she had suggested that one be built for her.

The monsters had made it out of the wood of the World Tree.

“Still, there are so many eggs… There will be lots of babies then.”

Heath was laying eggs in each of the holes.

There were already more than ten of them, and her stomach was still big.

If the bees grew to be full size, they might share their honey with us.

I had been observing Heath for a while now, and it seemed like she licked the World Tree instead of nectar from flowers.

The sap from the World Tree was sweeter, and the golden powder from it also had a sweet scent.

During a previous incident, we had learned that this powder had the ability to make us lose our minds a little.

The sweet smell did something to raise your spirits.

Nothing like that had happened since then, as there was much less of the powder. But it was true that when you were up on the World Tree, you did feel a little strange.

Perhaps it was this powder that had blown away in the wind, and lured the bee to this island.

In any case, I was quite happy at the possibility of getting honey.

Having honey meant more variety with food. And perhaps we could make candles with some of the wax from the nest.

Such thoughts filled me with excitement.

“How nice…to have so many children.”

Rienna was looking at Heath with a longing expression.

Her cheeks seemed a little red. Could it be…

“Uh, ah…yes. I must return to digging soon.”

“Huh? Oh, of course! Goodbye!”

Rienna was back to her normal self and sent me away cheerfully.

I didn’t know what would happen if I stayed here.

Especially since Rienna was nearby and looking so beautiful.

She had also been behaving a little strangely.

And so I rushed back to the caves.

It was decided that the monsters would take care of the smaller details regarding the walls.

Now we just needed to construct the buildings in each district.

Which meant that I needed more stone materials.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. Rienna had a longing expression over there…. a longing about making 10 babies and still more to come! HELL, she isn’t as inocent as she looks. Mc will have to work really harder on her than working hard on minning XD

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