Cave King – 92

Chapter 92 – We celebrated!!


Barleon Duke arrested…

While they may have been a puppet for Sanfaris, this was still someone at the top of the former empire.

The king was acting rather bold.

Well, they said that an annexation was only a matter of time. The majority of nobles had gone to the king of Sanfaris for their new years greeting, instead of the duke.

“Kamyu, Rienna… Excuse me, but can I see that?”

I asked. Rienna became quite red and Kamyu chuckled.

“Oh, Lord Heal. You must be patient. You can enjoy looking at it some other time when no one is around.”

“I-I think that might be best…this is quite…”

“I don’t care about that… I’m just curious about the headline.”

I took the book from Kamyu and found the article about the arrest.

“Let’s see… Duke Barleon, in an act of great insolence, objected to the judgment of our king, and was thereby arrested on that day. Currently, he and his family are being held in a villa in the royal capital…”

Crimes committed by nobles were often met with mercy.

Not only that, but I was quite sure there was a planned arranged marriage between the families. So it was unlikely that anyone would lose their lives, but… Huh?

“However, Duke Barleon’s daughter, Leila, has gone missing…”

There was a name that I recognized.


“Leila? Who is that?”

Kamyu asked as she looked at the book.

“Uh…ah, someone I played with a very long time ago. She’s gone missing apparently.”

“Oh, how horrible…ah! Maybe she left to come and visit you, Lord Heal.”

“That…is not likely.”

We had been friendly…but had only met a few times.

“Are you sure about that? You seem awfully serious. Something tells me that you two were more than just…”

“Mi-Miss Kamyu! Lord Heal…let’s hope that this person is alright!”

Rienna said consolingly.

I hadn’t even realized that I was wearing a worried expression.

Well, it wasn’t surprising… Officially, she had been my betrothed.

But as worried as I was, there wasn’t anything that I could actually do.

The article had also said that some treasure had disappeared from the place Duke Barleon was being held.

In other words, she likely had enough money to live for a while…Besides, she was strong.

If she disappeared, it must be deliberate, as there was something that she wanted to do.

“…Thank you, Rienna. Yes, I’m sure she will be fine.”

I closed the book and returned it to Kamyu.

“In any case, the island will be so much richer now… The first thing to do is make a school and teach the monsters how to read!”



Rienna and Kamyu replied cheerfully.

I was the lord of this island. I needed to do my best for everyone.

However, things had changed greatly.

That ship that had appeared…it was likely that information about Sheorl had already reached the king.

It’s only a matter of time before the royal ships came…

I’ll just do what I have to until then.

It was with such thought in my head that I helped the others with the cargo.

And that night, we held a feast to celebrate their return.

A great bonfire was made under the World Tree, and tables were placed around it in a circle.

And on the tables, were dishes made of Sheorl ingredients.

Most of it was the Kraken we killed today.

Kamyu had also brought back a lot of drink, which was served and helped liven up the atmosphere.

“So this is whiskey! Ah, what amazing stuff you brought back!”

“Uh, Erevan. Haven’t you drunk enough already…”

Ashton said as he saw Erevan drink the whiskey at an alarming rate.

“Bah. This is so weak, I don’t even think that I’m drunk yet! Don’t you like to drink too? Here, have some!”

“I…I do like it, but…”

“Why so modest! I know that you take wine out of the cellar every day!”

“E-Erevan! Well, that is true! However, this is much stronger. When I drink the stronger…”

Fule interrupted them as if to help Ashton.

“Father! Stop it! You’re being an annoying old man!”

“Fule, you drink your juice! Now come on, Ashton. Have some! This is a day of celebration! Or are you too good to drink with me…”

Fule’s words were ignored, and he continued to push the cup towards Ashton.

Ashton looked a little worried, but finally accepted it.

“…We-well, maybe just a sip.”

“Aye, drink all you want.”

And so Ashton took a sip from the cup.

However, his face immediately turned bright red, and he fell on the table.

“A-Ashton!? Hey! Hey!”

Erevan shook his shoulders to try and make him get up.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. So it sounds like the duke was arrested for a stupid reason. Calling it great insolence for objecting to the king’s judgment and having him arrested seems way overboard. It was probably an objection to something minor too since if it was something major then the article would have specified exactly what the crime was. This just sounds like something a dictator would do. Anyways what are the odds the thing the duke objected to has something to do with Heal? They just said the duke’s daughter was originally betrothed to Heal so what if the king wanted to dissolve her engagement to Heal and make her marry one of Heal’s shitstain brothers and either the duke or his daughter Leila refused so that’s why the duke got arrested. Anyways I’m expecting Leila to show up soon and fill the position of childhood friend in the waifu harem.

    • That was my first thought too. The Duke was probably mad that Heal, his future son-in-law, was exiled to some remote place. He probably sent ships to check up or look for him too.

    • I could see the childhood friend harem situation, but assume the Duke sent ships to school for where heal was sent and aboun seeing monsters on the island with him they reported it to the king who secretly likes heal and is protecting him

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