Cave King – 92


However, Ashton just licked Erevan’s face.

“Hey, what are you doing! Ashton!”

“…Roof! Woof! Ruff-ruff!”

Ashton began barking as he continued to lick Erevan’s face.

And then Erevan was pushed to the floor.

“Ashton! Hey! Ge-get off me!”

“Ahh, you made him drink… My brother becomes dog-like when he drinks.”

Haines said while he passed them on his way to get more Kraken.

Well, looking at Ril, she was hardly distinguishable from a puppy…

And so it seemed that Ashton also became like a puppy when he drank something strong.

“Y-you should have told me that first! He-hey! Ashton! Wake up! Don’t just stand there, Fule! Help your old man!”

“You reap what you sow, father…”

And so Fule continued to eat her barbecued Kraken next to them.

Well, it was certainly a lively night.

Musical instruments had been brought back from the continent as well, and nostalgic songs rang in the air.

Kamyu sat next to me and sipped on some Sheorl wine as she muttered.

“…It really does feel like coming home.”

I picked up a small barrel of wine and refilled her cup as if to show my gratitude.

“You did really good work. Not just with supplies, but with personnel as well. This island will continue to improve.”

“Yes… But problems will come with all that… Considering what happened while we were gone, for instance.”

I had told her about everything that had happened earlier.

The Barleon ship, and the ruins of an ancient civilization underneath Sheorl.

That Shiel was a survivor of that civilization, and about the control device.

I also told her about the earth dragon, Roydon, and about the dragonfolk who had tried to conquer us.

“Regarding the cave, it seems like you’re close to this device, so there isn’t much to worry about. I know about the dragons in the Vadar Kingdom, but their navy is small, and their ships unimpressive. I do not think they would be able to attack up with a great fleet.”

Kamyu took a sip of wine and continued with a ‘but…’

“But the royal navy…they are dangerous. There are no pirates on the sea that do not know them. Well, perhaps you know them more than anyone.”

“Yeah. If he wanted to, he could send a fleet of over a thousand ships…”

“With so many ships, they would be able to attack this island from every side. Well, even then, I have a feeling that we could win. Considering how strong you and everyone else is now…”

I understood what she meant.

If it came to a fight, we should still be able to win.

That being said, when fighting against a fleet of a thousand ships, we would not be able to take prisoners like we had up until now.

We would have to fight to kill. There would be no time to do anything else.

“…Will you fight?”

“I think there is no other way if I want to protect everyone… Of course, I do think about negotiating. We have more money than we could ever use, so paying taxes wouldn’t be a problem. However, I have no intention of compromising if we aren’t promised autonomy.”

“I see… I’m relieved to hear it. In any case, we should strengthen our own navy so we can stop them from landing. I’ve brought back some sailors that are very skilled, so training should be easier from now on.”

“Aye, I’m counting on you. If they see that we have our own navy, they might think twice before using force.”

“So that’s why you made that giant golem. Though, I am still puzzled as to why it’s modeled after Little Mappa…”

“Uh…it’s an odd story.”

“…Really. It’s not as if there wasn’t a much more beautiful model right here… I will expect you to do that next time.”

Kamyu said as she tore into the skewered Kraken meat.

Kamyu’s previous form would have been every bit as intimidating as Erevan…

But now, she looked too much like a goddess… Well, I suppose it wouldn’t be the worst landmark.

As I thought of such things, Kamyu’s face turned red.

“Oh, Lord Heal… I’m not sure how to react to such smoldering eyes.”

“Uh, that’s not what I was…”

“Have you forgotten my wish? I won’t let you sleep tonight.”

“…Yes, exactly! Let’s enjoy this feast! Here, have more wine.”

I filled her cup to the brim.

“Oh, you’re so kind, Lord Heal! Yes, I shall drink a lot tonight!”

Kamyu stood up and the others started drinking more as well.

And like this, they all got very drunk, and I was able to get away.

But the next morning, I hinted that we had indeed slept in the same bed…

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  1. [to attack up with a great fleet.] -> {to attack us with a great fleet.} ~ maybe

    Indeed, Kamyu left for a short while, yet a lot of interesting events happened during that short while.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

    • This novel doesn’t go very far when new info comes up right? I feel like it wouldn’t be unusual for Leila to show up in the next chapter or 2. What ever time it takes for that merchant to come back I guess.

  2. Hahahahahaha
    A lot of flags were raised here
    A forner fiancee that will be Riena’s rival, thee kigdmons navy forces xd

    Thanks for the chaptet!!

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