Jack of all Trades – 304

A Brief Return to the Imperial Capital


A trip through the sky with Legs of the God Wolf. The Asagi Airline offered comfort and safety and guaranteed a lack of monster encounters. But then again, the wind on my skin was cold as hell. At least my body was covered up, but my face bore the full brunt of it. I tried covering my face with part of my cape, but nothing could be done for my poor eyes…

“Phew…the Mistnas Company, huh…”

I sighed and thought back on what had been said to me before my departure, as the platinum wind blew around me. 

  □   □   □   □

It was after I was finished preparing and was about to activate Legs of the God Wolf. Someone called my name. There were a lot of people who knew my name and weren’t shy about approaching me. But this voice was familiar.


“Ah, Silket. What is it?”

It was one of the Adventurers that I had fought alongside me in Namila Village. Marcel’s partner. The quiet one. I deactivated Legs of the God Wolf and calmed my breathing while my hands were on my lap. Could the goblins have attacked? My hand was about to move towards my sword, but she quickly stopped me.

“No, it’s not that. There are no monsters. But I heard that you were going back to the city and…”

“Yeah, that’s right… Did you want me to get something for you?”

“No… But I was hoping you could take this to the Mistnas Company.”

Silket said as she handed me a small, decorative knife and a letter.

“This looks pretty expensive…”

“It’s a knife with the Mistnas crest in it. And that letter is for my father. It explains about the goblin stampede and has a request for supplies.”

“….Wait, is this company…”

“Yes, my family runs it.”

Huh. So this Adventurer who rose to the rank of Jade was actually the daughter of a wealthy family.

Silket Mistnas. She then told me that she was a fourth child of a family a nobles who owned a trading company. Her older brother and sister were currently running it, but her father still held the most power.

“We have a store on the main road. You can’t miss it.”

“So, I just need to show them the knife and letter and they will help us?”

“Yes, definitely.”

Silket said with confidence.

“After all, I’m the youngest. They could never resist my requests!”

  □   □   □   □

I recalled that conversation as I pulled the knife out of my breast pocket. It looked like a ceremonial knife. It would be a waste to use it in combat.

“Ha-ha…achoo! …Damn!”

The cold wind had entered my clothes and I sneezed loudly, dropping the knife in the process. I had to frantically dive down and catch it before it hit the ground.

“It would be the worst if I dropped it in all of this snow…”

I put it away securely and then rose into the air again. I needed to focus on getting there as quickly as possible, and so I kept my eyes ahead.

“Ah…there’s Namila Village.”

I could see all the roofs covered in snow. Visually, it seemed very peaceful. But I used Presence Detection just as a precaution. I detected no monsters or humans. I had been bracing myself to find bandits, but then again, this wasn’t a place they would likely come out to.

And so I passed the village in a flash, leaving it far behind me. The next thing I saw was the frozen lake. Lake Rivier. Our tracks were long gone, and there was a fresh layer of snow covering it. Still, you could make out the shape of the lake from above.

I soon passed the lake as well. After a while, the Imperial Castle came into view. And then the rest of the city and walls.

“Phew… I should probably go to the guild first.”

Adlus had told me to make a report before I was approached by Silket. At least, I think he did.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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