Jack of all Trades – 280

Farewell, Reserentrible


So, Manager and Matsumoto, the people who came here from another world, decided to live here. Obviously, they didn’t have any choice, but that didn’t make it any easier. As for me, there was still something comforting about there being others from home that were here as well.


Daniela and I hunted down monsters in the dungeon before the labyrinth closed off. I had wanted Rachel to help us, but she apparently had important matters to attend to. It would have been an opportunity to see how strong she was, so it was unfortunate.

Karma said that she didn’t mind if we slept in the center room, and so we did.


‘Just call me if you need anything.’


She said before the hologram vanished into the monument-like console. It was a magic device that the ancient elves had invented. It was like a computer, I suppose. Well, I decided to see it that way, at least.


And then several days went by. Minotaurs, Arachnes, lamias. And golems, goblins, kobolds, imps, and werewolves…a parade of monsters from my childhood. I got so excited hunting them down, but the experiment lab where the gene-splicing was taking place was eventually restored, and the monsters stopped coming out. And so we went around and killed the remaining monsters in each room and tunnel. We were able to gather a lot of materials from unknown creatures.


There were a few merchants and Adventurers we were able to save as well. But not many. There were definitely more. We heard about it on the second day.

The military arrived after that. And as planned, they used human wave tactics to rescue the others. Manager’s friend turned out to be pretty high in rank, and my letter had also been useful. Or so Mister Tames later told me. While people were responsible for their own safety, I had urged them to at least try and help those that they could. I wasn’t sure if the Emperor himself was notified…but the thought of being called out before him again made my stomach turn.


In any case, we were eventually able to rescue everyone that had been involved in the labyrinth disaster…that is, everyone that was still alive. Many were less lucky and died during their encounters with the monsters.

It was yesterday that Daniela, I and several other military personnel confirmed it by using Presence Detection. As this was the last day, I decided to use it to ask Karma some final questions.


“…I see. So, this facility turned into a labyrinth in order to fight back against the intruders…”

‘Positive. Humans invaded this facility five hundred and eighty-nine years ago. Weather and a shift in the terrain created a fissure that allowed them to enter. And so the facility entered defense mode. And then it happened again recently. The facility switched to intercept mode and changed to its current state.’


In other words, the Reserentrible labyrinth had already been fighting invaders while in defense mode. And then more people had entered, so it was no wonder they were attacked. But how was anyone supposed to know?


It started to get dark outside as we talked. We would have to be leaving soon. Tomorrow, right when the day ended, this place would become flat ground once again.


“Well, we best be leaving now. I’m glad I was able to talk to you.”

“As an elf, it has been a pleasure to meet you. Thank you.”

‘I have done nothing to earn your gratitude. While I may have the personality of an elf, I am still a tool. This is how I was made.’


She returned bluntly. I suppose AI were just like that.


‘However…if I was allowed to have my own thoughts, I would say that I find it regrettable that you were all summoned, yet are unable to return.’


Shocking. She was a device, but was capable of emotion… But maybe it wasn’t that surprising. I mean, it was actually kind of cliche?


“Thank you, Karma. It might have been unfortunate at first, but my life is great right now.”

“It is thanks to the Nova that I met Asagi.”


I would have died if I didn’t come to this world. So in a way, I was saved. It was sad that I couldn’t meet my family again, but our hearts were still connected.


‘I am happy to hear that. Now, go. Farewell, my descendant, and kind human from another world.’


Karma smiled gently and waved before disappearing. Daniela and I bowed and then left the room.


As we had Lemon’s map, and also walked through the dungeon for nearly a week, we had the layout mostly memorized, and we were able to get out in less than an hour. The military had set up camp in a field just a short distance away from the town. Manager would be there too.


“Let’s go then.”


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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  1. If I was asagi… I would have asked if Nova knew a way to extend longevity to have more time with Daniela ♂‍🤷🏻

    • Asagi is too stupid to think, he also has Rachel but he is set to live human life span, he never ever entertained the idea of living for so long, because he is too stupid to even hold this idea.

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