Jack of all Trades – 280




We were the last ones to leave. I could see them waving to us from afar. They were probably the people who used Presence Detection with us. It had been very high-level Presence Detection, so they would have known when we came out. We turned around and took one last look at Reserentrible as the shadows of the night fell over it. 


“…Do you think the experiments will continue?”

“They likely will. Karma only manages one of the facilities. They gather mana from the dragon vein and send it to the main base… Unless all of them shut down, the Nova will continue to experiment.”


So we’d have to visit all of them in order to end the ancient elven experiments. Maybe it would be faster to destroy the main Nova, but I didn’t know where it was. It was a secret.


“…I’d rather…there not be more people like us.”

“I feel the same. The Nova brought us together, but aside from that, they should be destroyed.”


In the near future… We would have to journey to do just that. But we had too little information right now.





As we walked towards the group of tents, the ground started to shake. It started off small but grew larger.


“I think it’s magnitude three…”

“Ah! Ah-ah-ah…!”


It wasn’t bad at all, but Daniela had frantically dropped to the ground. I remember seeing people do this in Japan, when they had just come to the country and weren’t used to earthquakes. It was pretty cute. However, she was clearly scared.


“A-Asagi! Be careful!”

“It’s fine. We’re not even inside of a building…”


There was nothing to crumbled on top of us. Well, maybe the ground could split… No, I had Legs of the God Wolf, so that wouldn’t be a problem.

Still, I felt bad for her. And so I sat on the ground and held her. As for the shaking, it was likely because of the town.


“Calm down, Daniela. Look over there.”



Daniela continued to clutch at me as she sat up. I chuckled and pointed towards Reserentrible. Just as she turned her head towards it, the tallest part of the tower began to collapse. The roof, then the walls. The windows and doors and verandas that stuck out at odd places. Even the walls that surrounded the town. All of it turned into dust. Then the wind blew it all away until there was nothing left. All that remained was a wasteland where even grass did not grow. Of course, that was just for now. It would turn into a prairie again one day. Then no one would ever know that it had once been an ancient elven ruin.


“That was incredible…”

“Yeah. A rare sight.”


The shaking ended when the destruction subsided. Nothing was left. When I turned around, I saw the military personnel were also watching in stunned silence.

I had told them that this would happen, but it didn’t make it any less shocking.


And so the matter of the labyrinth disaster of Reserentrible was resolved. We had learned something that involved our future. I would live here with Daniela. Who knew what Matsumoto and Manager would do…

But I didn’t think any of them would go down a self-destructive path. After all, we still had each other. If one of us started to go down the wrong path, the others could stop it. We could help each other. At least, I hoped we would. Besides, Rachel’s room would make it easier to keep tabs on each other. It would be a waste not to use it.


Though, she’d probably get very annoyed if I went in too often.

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    • Are what the Ancient Elves doing actually bad? So far from what I’ve read, they take ppl that are going to die and pretty much give them a 2nd chance in another world and give them abilities too.

      So Asagi wants to stop ppl from getting 2nd chances?

  1. ” I would live here with Daniela.” is kinda vague for me. Did he mean Reserentrible or this world? Both are possible. For Reserentrible, it had become a wasteland already, he can build a house there. For the world, it’s self explanatory since he’ll stay in this world and wouldn’t worry about finding a way back like a madman.


    • Definitely “this world” as they didnt have that many good moments in reserentrible anyways to get too sentimental in there. The title says “Farewell, Reserentrible” after all.

      Also that first paragraph 《So, Manager and Matsumoto, the people who came here from another world, decided to live here.》 I also thought, Here? In reserentrible? Then I read from the prev. chapter and thought, oh they had this hopes to go home to their former world and now those hopes were crushed so give up and live properly in this world instead.

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