Jack of all Trades – 281

In the Imperial Castle after the Disaster


“…So, that was what happened.”

“I see.”


We made a report of everything that had happened. Asagi Kamiyashiro. Twenty-two years old. A part-time worker who was loved by his neighbors. Now working as an Adventurer in another world.

And the person I was talking to, was the man who was responsible for the entire country. His Royal Majesty, Emperor Veldrid Pauzencia Flugelnia. He was not the kind of person that I would usually gain an audience with. But we had participated in the tournament due to Daniela, and I was lucky enough to end as first-runner up, so we were able to meet him. He now knew our names and faces.


“That place was what remained of an ancient elven laboratory. That is most unexpected.”

“It had been invaded five-hundred and eighty-nine years ago. That’s when it took the shape that Reserentrible was known for. I’ve written down the details here, if you would like to take a look.”

“Thank you. You have both been very helpful. Not only did you help the Imperial Sword Tournament become a success, but you stopped an unprecedented disaster. That cannot go unrewarded…”

“If it is a title, I must refuse.”

“Hahaha. The state does not bind Adventurers. No, it shall be something like the last.”


The Emperor chuckled at Daniela’s rather sharp rejection. Daniela. That’s the Emperor you’re talking to…

Well, I would have rejected it as well. However, I didn’t want to accept any other gift either.


“Our involvement was purely as guild members completing a quest. The only thing we should be accepting is the reward from the guild. We cannot accept anything from you directly, Your Majesty.”

“Hmm…you may be right about that. That being said, Asagi, you did get the military involved. So the matter now exceeds the scope of the Adventurer’s Guild. So would it not be normal for there to be a special reward as well? Am I wrong?”


He looked at me smugly. The fact that he wanted to push something onto us so much almost made me suspicious. Of course, there really wasn’t much we could do.


“Hahaha. You suspect something, don’t you? No, there is nothing more to it. But there is so much in the castle from previous Emperors that are now collecting dust. But they are not items for display. They are tools. I am thinking about making good use of all of them during my generation. The world will be richer for it. I suppose you thought it strange that I should give you an Emperor’s sword when you didn’t win? Well, that is how I do things here.”


The Emperor sunk back into his chair and gracefully crossed his legs. Indeed, I had thought it a little excessive. I had even refused it initially.


“I think you have a bright future ahead of you. We will not try and tie you down, but I’m sure you will help us in some other way, eventually. That will be more than enough.”

“Well, it would be a crime not to accept it after you’ve said all of that…”

“Hahaha! Your punishment can be to become a nobleman and work for this country.”


I’d hate that. I’ll take the gift instead.


And so the Emperor called someone in. Someone I had never met before. An elderly man with a white beard and a shrewd look. Probably a minister or something like that.

And there was someone behind him who was dressed in a military uniform and was carrying something. That person passed on the thing to the minister, who then gave it to the Emperor. It seemed like a waste of time, but perhaps it was a necessary ceremony.


“Here. This is for you, Asagi.”


“I gave you a one-handed sword last time. This one is a two-handed sword.”


He said with a grin. I had a lot of swords already. But, uh, boys will be boys? I was still happy to have another one.

And so I respectfully accepted it. It was sheathed, and much thinner than the Schwarz Tempest. Though, there weren’t many greatswords that were as wide as that sword.

“Do you mind if I take a look?”

“Of course, not.”


And so I bowed before clutching the sheath and slowly pulling the handle.


“This…has a single-sided blade.”

“Rare, isn’t it? It was also a former Emperor’s.”


Most of the swords in this world were what I would consider western. In other words, double-edged swords. And so yes, this kind of blade did stick out. I wondered what its roots were…maybe it had been made by someone else who had been transported or reincarnated in the past… I was quite sure that this was the case for Ashikirimaru. I mean, it was in the name. But regardless, I had no knowledge of swords. After all, the only people who did in modern Japan were either craftsmen or enthusiasts. I just thought they looked cool.


Well, enough of that. This sword. This single-edged blade. As it was meant to be held with both hands, the blade was over one meter long. It was heavy, but not so heavy that I would have trouble swinging it. Probably because it was still thin. It was maybe half of the weight of my greatsword.

The handle was wrapped in leather. But it didn’t look worn at all. What kind of leather was it? I doubted it had been added recently.


“You noticed it? It is the skin of a wolf that once roamed the forest to the south. It was a giant wolf that was over four meters tall but could run like the wind. Not only that, but it is said that it had two heads.”


Two heads…


“The people that live in the south called the monster Orthros.”


No kidding. How many two-headed wolves could there be? Orthros was supposed to be Cerberus’s younger brother. I hoped this brother wouldn’t be in the southern forest.


“As for that blade, Orthros’s blood, bones, flesh, skin…all of it was put into a magic stone in order to make this sword. The sword itself is called Orthros as well.”



I suppose the blacksmith wasn’t too creative. However, they used the blood, flesh, and bones too… That was uh, interesting. It was uncomfortably similar to that Assault Kobold sword. That sword came equipped with a curse. In fact, I still had it inside of the hollow bag. This sword may have something similar too…


“…Huh. It had two heads, but there is only one blade. You’d kind of think the blacksmith would have at least made dual blades.”

“Aye. There was apparently another sword to go with it.”


“No one knows where it is. Like me, the previous Emperor must have given it to someone worthy. And it’s been lost ever since.”


Well…that sounded a little ominous. Besides, people would then blame me if this sword never saw the light again.


“Hahaha. Your face can’t lie. But don’t worry about it. This is a sword that is meant to be used. I don’t see how it can be wasted once it is in your hands. At least, if you really are a good man.”

“Thank you… I’ll take good care of it.”


I felt like he was shoving the responsibility onto me after all. 


“Hmm. That’s good to hear. Now you, Daniela. I heard that you do not use any other weapons but your own.”


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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