Jack of all Trades – 19

-A New Power and a Lively Night-

Several hours had passed after the first battle with the forest wolves. We had now gone around and destroyed several packs that were spread throughout the forest, and because the sun was now starting to set, we decided to head back for Fhiraldo. As I moved my tired feet onward, Daniela taught me various things about combat. About using swords, how to swing a short sword, how to throw them. How to fight enemies that moved on four legs, what to do when you are surrounded. And also, how to use magic.

“To start, what should I do if I wanted to use magic in an attack?”

“Ahh…indeed. It would be pointless if it did not hit your opponent.”

“Right. So, it has to shoot outward.”

It wasn’t hard for me to use magic to create ice or water and lower the temperature in a room, because I understood how it worked.

I mainly used the moisture in the atmosphere for my magic, but apparently, most magicians here were converting their magical energy into water molecules to create water or ice. But that would eat through your energy a lot faster. In other words, my method was economical.

However, there was no point in creating lots of ice just because it was economical. It’s not an attack until it hits your opponent in the face.

“Create ice with magic and hurl it into the enemy. That would be the basic ice magic attack.”

“What about freezing them solid?”

“Hehe. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re able to do it almost immediately, but…”

“The basics first, right?”


She nodded. And so I used my magic just as she said.


I gather the moisture from the air to a space in front of my outstretched finger. The small tip sucks in all of the heat. There is a cracking sound as clear ice begins to form. I apply magical energy and maintain its height. There is a thick tree trunk ahead of me that I target…


All the energy collected in my fingertip bursts as it fires. In a blink, the ice bullet had vanished. Then I heard the sound of wood shattering. Apparently, I had hit it. I’ve never actually fired a gun, but I did play quite a few games. It wasn’t hard to just imagine it.

“Asagi… What was that, just now?”


Daniela asked quietly as she stared at the tree that had been shot at.

“What do you mean? I shot some magical ice.”

“But, that fast? I couldn’t even see it…”

We both walked to the targeted tree. There was a small crater inside of the trunk where the ice bullet had hit. The bark around the area had been blown off, exposing the light brown wood underneath. Judging by the depth, it hadn’t reached the center of the trunk. Of course, the ice itself had shattered and nothing remained.

“The tree is so… I saw you create the ice. But I had no idea that such a small fragment could have this much force…”

“I guess it’s a matter of what you imagine.”

“For better or worse.”

Was there something different about my magic? I hadn’t seen other magic, so I could not really tell. But Daniela seemed to be surprised…

Well, there was no point in staring at the tree in wonderment. We were finished with the wolf hunting; it was time to head back.

“The goods, it’s my turn to carry them.”
“Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.”

I received the jingling leather bag from her. The bag was full of forest wolf fangs. The quest we had accepted was for the ‘Elimination of the Forest Wolves.’ And you had to bring back two fangs from each forest wolf as evidence that the deed was done. The quest would end once you brought them to the guild. Apparently, these fangs were great materials in making weapons. The market price, amount and quality would all be calculated and you would receive your reward. The more you had, the more you could exchange for money. So it quite worthwhile. And there was also a general reward for completing quests. This job was more lucrative than you would think.

And so I was quite pleased as I carried the hefty bag and trampled over the path of fallen leaves when it happened. Something had moved in the corner of my vision.


“What is it?”

“I don’t…”


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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    • Indeed. Maybe the meat isn’t great (we only know that a normal wolf seems to be edible and decent), but the fur would surely be of use.

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