Jack of all Trades – 50

A Wise Man Commands The Danger

“Ah! Shit!”

The first attack of the fight came from the wyvern’s tail. I jumped back to dodge it before quickly charging forward with my swords thrust out. I was aiming for that opening after an attack. The wyvern had to turn its body in order to strike with its tail, and so there now a brief moment for me to come in. I aim for the side of its belly with my sword. However, the wyvern seemed to have learned a thing or two from the first half of the fight, and it immediately dropped its wings to get in the way. While they could not be used to fly, they could still shield it.
I curse at this new development and quickly draw back. I could see that the wyvern’s head was now coming for me. It’s jaw opened wide in order to crush me to death. Every tooth was visible and they looked as sharp as swords. Speeding up ‘Legs of the Forest Wolf’ barely allowed me to escape it. I pull back further this time. This initial exchange was over. Both I and the wyvern were finished warming up.

I tighten my grip on the steel sword. And just like Rex, but not exactly like him, I hold a new sword in my other hand. I’ve gotten used to creating these things recently. I could imagine them easily, and without depleting too much energy. An ‘Ice Sword.’
The clear ice emits a dark blue aura as it gleams in my hand. Its cold edge seemed to cry with rage. The magic that leaked from it was freezing the moisture in the air. And the silver and emerald wind was still around my feet. This was currently the most prepared I could possibly be for a battle.

Of course, a certain light elf who was more dependable than anyone was not here. There was no ballista either. No group of soldiers who had experienced years of harsh training. It was just me.
Well then, I could not half-ass this. I wouldn’t. I would die the moment I let my guard down.
Hahh… I would have to defeat it if I wanted to live. It was possible to delay it perhaps. If I could escape from it, I’m sure the guards would take care of this for me. They would be alerted if Rex made it back to the city safely. But it would take them quite some time if they had to carry that wounded man. I would be lucky if soldiers arrived here by the afternoon. Then I had no choice but to kill it. This wyvern in front of me. All by myself.


The wyvern roared and charged forward at the same time. I kept it in my sights as I jumped into the air and out of its way. Then I use my skill to step where there is nothing but ‘air’ and shoot forward like a bullet. Just as I am above the body covered in scales, I slash at it with my steel sword. However, it only bounces off with the horrible ring of metal on metal.
I would not hold back. I would use the skill that he had given me to the fullest. Inside of my brain, ‘Jack of all Trades, Master of None’ was showing me how to use ‘Legs of the Forest Wolf’ on four separate screens. I concentrate and concentrate. The four separate screens are then converted into a single screen. The basis of this four-part split screen was the security monitors from work. In that case, I should be able to blow it up into one screen. When I believed this, the image in my brain became one picture. I only did what was possible.
In the footage, I was unleashing a powerful kick. My body immediately understands how the magic must flow in order to do this.
And so I kick out with a leg that is shrouded with wind. A silver whirlwind shoots out of my foot and smashes into the wyvern’s body.


It had clearly not expected any magical attacks. The whirlwind had traveled past the wyvern’s legs and left a trail of slashes and spurts of blood. Even so, it was not a fatal wound. It just hampered its mobility a little.
The wyvern turns to me and fires a volley of wind missiles made of magic that it had gathered towards it. This was a new attack. But they did not hit me. I zigzag from left to right, dodging the attacks and getting into striking distance of the wyvern. Its jaw comes down over me just as I duck and slash up at its chest. This time with the ice sword. A thin slit appeared and the flesh was exposed. The steel sword had not been able to cut it… The air suddenly became thick with a rain of blood. It was all I could do to escape from under it as it raged uncontrollably from the pain.
Hmm, could this be…

“So, I guess magic attacks are the most effective?”

I said to no one in particular. But it was obvious as I saw the raging beast in front of me. The magic whirlwind kick had worked. The magical ice sword had worked. In that case…?

Unfortunately, the moment I was certain was the moment I had let my guard down.


Its madness had taken complete control as it rushed at me with a speed that I had not seen before. I had not expected this. There wasn’t enough time for me to move, and I could only take a defensive stance. I crossed the two swords in front of me as something that had a similar force as a truck slammed into them.


‘Legs of the Forest Wolf’ was able to kill some of the momentum that drove me backward, but not all of it. My back crashed into a large tree.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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