Jack of all Trades – 238

Group D


I wasted a little time apologizing to Daniela after that, which meant we had a late start as we joined the early crowd headed for the arena. I drank some water for what was probably the tenth time that morning as we waited in line. Judging by the number of people, it was clear that today was especially popular.


“People really want to see A-Rankers fight.”

“We will be late…”


Daniela was right to be worried. Because it could mean that we’d be at Lemon’s mercy yet again… Well, Lemon was probably somewhere in the line as well. And given how serious she was about such things, she was probably way ahead of us.


“Perhaps this is one place where we can rely on your skills, Asagi.”

“What? Here?”


I immediately knew she was talking about Legs of the Forest Wolf. But not only would it disturb everyone here, but it would also draw a lot of attention.


“You could go in the alley over there and trigger it?”

“Hm…I guess.”


It seemed like a bit of a waste to leave after waiting all of this time. However, the line wasn’t moving any faster. With Legs of the Forest Wolf, I could get to my destination the fastest.


“If you’re going to insist on it. Let’s go.”

“Hehe. I knew you would agree.”


Daniela chuckled. I apologized to the people around us as we made our way out of the line. Then we entered a back alley where I took in a deep breath and drank some more water.


“Can you give me some as well?”



Daniela had created a clay cup out of earth magic. I filled it with water, which she quickly drained. As a sloppy person, I just had the water pour directly into my mouth. I looked like some kind of circus performer, and kids started staring at me… Then I saw Daniela return her cup to mana and decided that I should probably start doing the same.


“All right, let’s go.”



As she was ready, I picked her up and activated the silver and green wind around my legs. There were streaks of white as well, a unique feature of Legs of the God Wolf. It was like Daniela had been added to my colors.

The wind around my feet carried us up, and I landed on a roof. The sun was now up in the sky and Daniela’s hair glistened beautifully under it.


“That’s a lot of people…”

“Will they even fit inside of the arena?”


Looking down at them now, it was hard not to worry. It had already been quite packed yesterday…


“Well, we are going to sit in the front with Lemon.”

“It’s a bit dodgy, but it’s only for today.”


From tomorrow on, we would no longer be spectators. We would be fighting. So it only seemed right that we take it easy today.


And so I blasted off towards the arena. And there, we quietly slipped in through the special gate.


  □   □   □   □


“Ah, Mister Asagi and Miss Daniela. You’re early today.”

“Good morning. Well, it’s A-Rankers today. We wanted good seats.”

“Hehe. There’d be plenty left now. You go on right ahead.”

“Thank you.”


We bowed politely and entered the arena. While it was still early, there were a decent amount of people inside. As for the front row…hmm, yes, there were empty seats. And there was not an ash-colored head in sight. So we would be able to repay our debt to Lemon.


“Huh? You two are sure early!”




As I nodded with satisfaction, a voice called us from behind. When I turned around, it was none other than Lemonfrost Grasilf, with her ash-colored hair, that stood there, looking at us with a surprised expression.


“Oh, Lemon.”

“Yes. Good morning.”

“You are a fast one…”



We had wanted to surprise her by securing front row seats… Upon hearing this, Lemon told us that she had been particularly excited for today. There was nothing to do but laugh and then we all headed for the front.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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