Jack of all Trades – 50



I couldn’t breathe. The result of the heavy blow on my back. Even my vision seemed to be blinking. Everything was foggy and without color. Ahhh. This was giving me a flashback of being stabbed at the convenience store. But this was not the time to be remembering such things. The black and white wyvern was glaring at me with eyes that were mad with rage. I had to escape first. I use ‘Legs of the Forest Wolf’ to jump into the air. I double jump and move back even further. It would likely die of blood loss by itself if I could only get away. Probably.
I wasn’t an expert on dragon resilience.
I dashed through the air as I shook my head and tried to clear my conscious. Just as color began to return, I looked back to see the wyvern chasing me at full speed.
Suddenly, I notice that my right-hand felt strangely light. Keeping the beast in my sight, I bring my right hand into view.

“Ah? What!?”

The steel sword that chief had made was broken in half. But this is a steel sword!? And where is the other piece! Once I was far enough to not be immediately attacked, I looked around vainly for the other half. It turned up in a most unexpected place.

It was protruding from my thigh.

Just as it entered my sight and I understood what had happened, a rush of pain assaulted me.


Shit-shit-shit-shit-shit!!!! How did I not notice!? And I’ve been stabbed before!! Damn, I didn’t understand it!! Aaah, it’s no use. Every time I moved I could see the colors disappear as the pain comes in. I had to do something about it. It was all or nothing. I returned the broken sword into its sheath and grabbed the broken shard that was in my leg. My gloves were only leather but I didn’t care.
And then, I removed it with a single jerk.


A vibrant stream of blood begins to pour. I quickly throw the shard away and cover the wound with my hand. It’s difficult to bring my consciousness under control, but I am eventually able to focus and cover the wound with magic. There was a red layer of ice when I removed my hand. I didn’t think it would work. But the freezing temperature of the ice also helped to dull the pain.

The wyvern that continued to chase me had a look in its eye that suggested he would drag me down with it no matter what. And so I generated an ice sword in my right hand, and instead of turning away, I jumped towards it. My body twisted while in the air until I was upside-down and both ice swords came down into its forehead. Surely magical swords would cut through. I had believed this, but the scales on its forehead did not admit the ice blades entry. And then the two blades were mercilessly shattered into fine pieces.
Daaamn. If ice swords weren’t going to cut it…I had nothing left. My wounded leg was going to be more of a problem if this continued any longer. I needed, I needed something. I think as look around me.

“This…this is near my campsite!”

Right, the place I had been sleeping until this morning. I knew because I had scouted the area. If the tree I slept in was close by, that meant something else was too!

I run over to the biggest tree and ignore the hanging rope, instead, I do a double jump and land on the tree branch. The hollow bag was there just like I had left it this morning. I thrust my hand inside without hesitation and grasp the thing I was searching for before pulling it out.

“The ancient elven sword…!”

I grip the handle of the sword we found in the forest ruins, and pull it out of its sheath. The light emerald blade shines in the light. A powerful relic from the age of advanced magic. I had to believe it was worth something. The wyvern was now at the base of the tree and taking in a deep breath. The wyvern breath. I hold the blade in front of me and jump down from the branch.


The wyvern breath is unleashed, and a storm of raging wind blows the branches from the tree. But the silver and emerald wind around my legs would not be overwhelmed. With a boost I fall even faster, the sword is held straight in front of me as the high-density breath attack hits me.


With a shout, I push Legs of the Forest Wolf to its absolute limit. And for a moment, there seemed to be a standstill. But it was I who won.

The ancient elven sword cut through the breath attack. The unleashed power exploded on both sides, blowing away nearby trees. And past the violent winds was the wyvern’s face. The sword went right into its gaping jaw, and with as much strength as I could muster, I slashed it open.


The cry is weak and the hurricane around us stops. It’s lower jaw and upper neck falls to the ground. A flood of blood erupts in the same instant and bathes the forest floor in red. And with no strength left within it, the wyvern sinks into the bloody lake.
I was finally able to relax. With a sigh, I looked at the fallen wyvern. This monster that lay in its own blood was killed by my own sword. I had defeated it.
I defeated it alone… I silenced the Legs of the Forest Wolf skill now. My body was exhausted. I needed some rest. But I didn’t have time. I needed to pack everything and go back to Spiris immediately…
I pick up the hollow bag and use the now sheathed sword as a walking stick. It was likely that I would faint if I didn’t return to Spiris soon. And passing out here would only mean that I would become food for other monsters.

The evening sunlight illuminated the forest. And with that warm light at my back, I dragged my body that was covered in wounds. I headed straight for Spiris.

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Yay! Chapter 50! Thanks for reading.

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    • To be fair, it was already damaged pretty badly… Well it might have actually been easier if it wasn’t. He could adapt to fighting it when it WASN’T in a berserk state.

  1. Thanks for the chapter~!

    Would have loved the template of him finding out the pair were guarding a nest and the chicks hatched and bonded to him…

  2. Thanks for the chapter, well he soloed it, Daniela will have an interesting reaction to that new, not to mention the gold he will be guetting and the Level.

  3. Well, at least the author wrote the MC out of needing to use the steel sword and has the MC using a legendary type weapon now. The emerald blade sword seems too short to be used as a crutch especially since its magically sharp tip will pierce into the ground quite a distance.

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