Jack of all Trades – 19


Was I mistaken? Was it my imagination?

“Just now, I thought I saw a huge wolf. In that direction.”

“Hmm… I don’t see anything. Or feel a presence. Are you sure you saw it?”

“Maybe…yeah. It was pretty big, it must have just been me.”

Perhaps the setting sun had cast an odd shadow through the leaves and it looked like a wolf. We had hunted so many today, after all. I hadn’t seen anything but wolves. There really weren’t any goblins on this side.

“There’s no point in worrying about it. Let’s head back for town before it gets too dark.”

“Yes, the forest at night is especially dangerous.”

Daniela and I rushed passed the trees and hurried down the road back to Fhiraldo.

□ □ □ □

We rolled back into town just before the sun had completely set.

“Ho, Asagi, Daniela. Had you two come back any later, I would have shut the gates on you.”

“That’s pretty harsh for a joke, Russell.”

“Of course. You’d have to sleep in a tree again.”


Russell was on watch today. We laughed at the good old joke and then made our way back to the guild.

Fhiraldo during the night was always a lively place. Delicious smells wafted from the lines of food stalls. The smells of meat cooking, or sweet fruit wines… But we couldn’t be distracted by these. We would be allowed to eat as much as we wanted at a discount price back at the Spring Wind inn. Saving was important.

I had to pull Daniela by the hand as she occasionally succumbed to the smells, but we eventually reached the guild house. This place too was lively at night. Their jobs finished for the day, the rowdy gathering would clink their mugs of ale and smack the tables. The sounds of feet tapping on the floors, all of it entered my ears.

“Hooo, Asagi!”

Ness seemed to be in a good mood as his voice boomed.

“Hey, Ness!”

“Ah! Let’s drink together!”

“Let me get rid of these first!”

I raise the leather bag in the air and shout as if in competition with the noise of the bar. Ness nods and raises his mug. I’m not making a toast!

I laugh and then head over to the Reward counter with Daniela.

My eyes meet Fiona’s, as she sits on the opposite side of the counter. She looks a little surprised, then glances towards Daniela, and her eyebrows narrow.

“That’s a funny face you got there. Anyway, can you take care of this?”

“Asagi, who is that?”

“Let’s stay formal. We’re adventurer and guild worker, after all.”

“I’m asking you who she is!”

Well, she seemed a little angry. Would she refuse to accept this if I don’t explain…

“Oh, she is…Daniela. We’ve formed a party.”

“As fellow adventurers? She’s not a girlfriend?”


“…Daniela. I and Asagi are in a party together.”

“Ohh… you shocked me for a moment… Ah, Miss Daniela, it’s a pleasure to meet you!”

I’m the one that was shocked.

“Look, just take these, please.”
“Of course!”

Fiona took the leather bag full of forest wolf fangs from off of the counter and left. She seemed in a better mood all of a sudden… What was that about? Could it be that she’d fallen for me?

But it was too stupid to consider.

Ness’ annoyingly loud voice had been calling to me for a while now. My eyes meet with Daniela’s and we chuckle. Having little choice, we decided to join Ness at the bar.

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      • Sureee, he can accept that he is in another world but cant believe a girl might like him. Its fine to not get it, but when she screams at your possible new girlfriend, its beyond obvious.
        Srsly whats wrong with JP authors that dense is a trait of 99% of mcs…

      • There is still the mana cost. And he knows bullets work, but his own common sense would likely block him from doing anything too outrageous. Besides, his magic elements are ice, water and fire.

      • Basics first
        Besides imagination isn’t omnipotent.
        You need to have enough MP to convert realty into what you imagine.
        That’s why imagining water condensing from the air uses less magic then converting magic energy into water.
        Haven’t heard anything about effects of magic depletion yet.

  1. Maybe this is a obvious question but, in the cover there are 3 character, a wolf, daniela, and the last one is it asagi? Or not?

  2. Thanks for the chapter, so the flag with the Adventure guild recepcionist has already been rised, now he just need to plant it good!!!!!!!

  3. He barely interacted with this Fiona girl and she’s already in love with him? Maybe not love but interested in him? Is it because all adventurers have always been the noisy, unruly type?

    Still odd, but I guess the author is going towards the “no particular reason a harem” like he joked at the early chapters.

  4. The hell with this Fiona!

    She didn’t even help him in the past and now she is like Yandere already? Hatefull gal!

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