Cave King – 33

Chapter 33 – I fought the Leviathan!!!


“A-a Leviathan!?”


Erevan and Ashton echoed the word.


A Leviathan…the giant creature that the gods had once created to rule the seas.


They appeared in the seas all over the world. They could burn down ships with their breath or drag them down to the bottom of the abyss.

And it was said that their blue scales were so strong, that no weapon could penetrate them.

Furthermore, they were supposed to be able to use all kinds of magic.


That being said, this was all myth.

The kind of stories that drunk sailors told each other when they wanted to boast of having encountered such a monster.


However, there had never been any stories about anyone actually defeating the Leviathan.

After all, the Leviathan was known as the strongest creature in the entire world.


If you took everything into consideration, it was pretty obvious that there was no way we could stand against it.


Even as we watched, the Leviathan came out of the water and then dove in again.

It was clear that it was heading towards us.


Kamyu sat down as his legs shook.


“…It’s no use. We’re finished…”

“Tsk… Orcs aren’t what they used to be. That’s just a giant sea serpent.”


Erevan said. But Kamyu fired back.


“Sea serpent!? You’re only saying that because you haven’t experienced what it’s capable of!! Do you know just how many of my ships have sunk because of that thing!?”


Kamyu shouted. And then he started muttering to himself. Maybe he was praying.


Well, I understood how he felt.

There was no way that we could beat it…


“Erevan, Ashton… Listen carefully.”


“…What is it?”

“I want you all to run as fast as you can to the caves. Take everyone with you.”


Ashton nodded.

And while Erevan had put on a bold face, it seemed like he actually understood that this was not an enemy we could stand against. And so he nodded somberly.


“However… What are you going to do, Chief?”

“I’m going to escape after burning all of the undead… You wouldn’t mind, right?”


But Kamyu did not answer.

Perhaps his mind was already gone.


“Could you two take him to the cave? And you orcs over there! You go as well!”


The orcs hesitated for a moment, but seemed to come to the conclusion that they could no longer pretend. And so they threw down their weapons.

Then I turned to the golems.


“All of you, act as their shield.”


Erevan and Ashton forced Kamyu to his feet, and then he said to me,


“…You. You’ll die.”

“Perhaps… But I have to try. Erevan, I want you to keep this for me.”


I handed him the Substitute Stone and the Ascending Stone.


“This crystal can become a Dragon Sphere Stone. So if I die, can you bring me back to life?”

“O-of course, I will. But…”

“It’s fine. I’m just giving it to you as insurance.”


Erevan did not look convinced, but he opened his mouth.


“As you wish… Chief, good luck out there…”



And so I faced the Leviathan alone.


I couldn’t stop shaking from fear.

However, I had no choice but to stay…


“Lord Heal!! Please escape at once!!”


I could hear Rienna shouting from behind me.

There were other voices telling me to run as well.

Hell, that’s exactly what I wanted to do…


I waited to see that Erevan and the others had reached the cave, and then I acted.

First, I used up all 8,000 Crystals that I had accumulated.

And then I unleashed Fire on the ships, starting from the furthest to the right and working my way to the left.


The hellfire that was born from my hand was so powerful that even I was shocked.

And one by one, the ships were engulfed in flames.


The Leviathan was in the center of the fleet and must have been startled by this attack, as it immediately dove into the water.

However, by the time that all the ships carrying the undead were burned up, the Leviathan resurfaced with a great splash of water.


In a desperate attempt, I unleashed Fire at the monster.

However, it did not even singe its scales.

So, those scales deflect magic?


Well, I hadn’t tried thunder magic…


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. I couldn’t help but smile when I read the title. The exclamation marks just make it sound so cheerful that he’s fighting a Leviathan.

  2. I can understand fire against the undeads but wasting energy on using fire against such creature with so many myths and legends and that lives in the sea, that is, not as foolish as one would think, but i also think that the sucess is kind of low against it.

    Thank you for the chapter and the treat. (^_^)/

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