Cave King – 153

Chapter 153 – A hidden power?

“That bee…something is wrong with it.”

I said as I squinted.

Tentacles were writhing in the bee’s stomach as they emitted a black miasma. It was very repulsive and the bee looked to be in pain.

Perhaps that was why it was looking at us with such a vicious expression.

Erevan pleaded with me immediately.

“Chief! That thing is dangerous! We must attack it at once! …Huh!? Hey, it’s dangerous!”

Heath had suddenly moved towards the giant bee.

Judging by how worried she looked, they must have been acquainted after all.

However, it was clear that the giant bee was in an abnormal state.

I doubted that Heath could just persuade it to stop.
If anything, she was likely to get hurt.

And so I cast Shield around her.

But just as I expected, the giant bee rammed into her, blowing her away.

Heath was thrown down to the reclaimed ground, but was unhurt, thanks to the Shield.


She managed to pull herself off of the ground, but looked terribly confused.

After knocking Heath out of the air, the giant bee began to shake.

“Heath…so you do know this bee… Is there something wrong with it?”

Heath nodded.

“Chief! What should we do!? We can shoot any time now!’

Erevan asked.

We couldn’t welcome something like this into the island. Who knew what would happen?

That being said, I didn’t want to attack someone who was friends with Heath…

Maybe if I block all its attacks with Shield, it will eventually give up and leave?

However, there was also a possibility that it would return to normal if I got rid of those black tentacles.

“I’m going to try and cast Healing magic on it. It might help. But keep your guard up.”

And so I went down to the wharf and then directed my Healing magic at the giant bee.

When the unleashed light hit the bee’s stomach…

“It’s struggling!?”

I couldn’t help but shout.
I had cast it, thinking that it would help, but the giant bee began to thrash around as if in agony.

It was flying in a circle with maddening speed. Then it saw me and charged.

I would have to block it with Shield…

And so I immediately cast Shield as the giant bee rushed towards me.

That’s when it happened.

Suddenly, what looked like a fishing net fell from the sky above the bee.
Once the giant bee was caught in the net and unable to move, it fell straight down into the sea.

When I looked up, I saw someone flying in the air.

“Is that…Baris?”

It wasn’t just him. The Wyverns…were carrying the Cave Spiders. About twenty of them. As Taran was especially large, she required two Wyverns to carry her.

They quickly descended to where I was standing.
It was then that Taran and the Cave Spiders began to pull their webs. They were going to drag the giant bee out of the water.

Baris also came down to me. Aries was around his neck.

“Baris. Aries. So you captured the bee for us.”
“Yes. It was Aries’s idea.”
“Your Majesty, please forgive me for acting without your approval.”

Aries said hesitantly.

“No, you did well. I didn’t have any good ideas, and was just hoping it would give up. So thank you.”
“Tha-that is absurd!”
“Hohoho. Didn’t I tell you, Aries? Heal does not rebuke people unless they do something particularly dangerous.”

Baris was right. I had no intention of interfering as long as it wasn’t dangerous.

If anything, I was impressed with how they dealt with it. Baris and Aries really were the smart ones here.

“So, this bee is an acquaintance of Heath?”

Baris muttered as he saw how worried Heath looked while the giant bee was being dragged out.

“Yes. I’m sure of it.”
“I see. Well, it looks like those black tentacles are causing mischief.”
“Indeed. And they…did you feel it too, Baris? The magic energy?”
“Yes, immense magic… We must be careful even now.”

I cast Shield on the Cave Spiders and waited for them to finish pulling the giant bee onto the shore.

After a while, splashes of water broke the surface of the sea.

The giant bee was thrashing around wildly again.

And even when it was pulled onto dry land, it continued to jump around and try to escape.
However, no matter how hard it tried, it was not able to escape the net that Taran and the others had made.

The Cave Spiders looked very relieved when they saw this.

But then the black tentacles in its stomach began to lash out at them violently like whips.

Of course, they could not get through Shield.

It was like the tentacles were hitting very thick glass, and so we could get a good look at them.

The tentacles looked like mist…like they had no physical shape.
Some of them even dispersed after hitting the glass.


Erevan said with a grimace.

“Well, it is likely the reason that the bee is in pain…but would Healing magic really help?”

It might just cause it more pain like it did earlier.
If it was effective, then the bee would just have to bear the pain for a short while. But I didn’t want to do it if I wasn’t sure.

“This is a difficult decision…huh?”

I suddenly noticed that the white bird, Mel, was right next to me.

Mel then turn into a human and said,

“Father…I don’t know why…but I think that I might be able to help that bee.”
“Really? Are you sure?”
“Yes…just wait a minute.”

Mel closed her eyes and put her hands together.

At the same time, the energy around us started to gather towards Mel. And then it bounced off in a burst of light.

A warm light then illuminated the area, and the black tentacles began to disappear as if they were melting.
Then the pain too seemed to fade away, as the giant bee became very calm after that.

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