Makai Hongi – 99

Chapter 99

Leninoth’s army was up ahead, and Fara’s army was behind us.
There was an expression for this. Something about a tiger at the front gate and a wolf at the back.

“Golan. We’re going to be pincered!”
“And both sides are moving towards us.”

If my prediction was accurate, they would crash into each other right at the spot that we were now.

And the lines of soldiers extended so far on both the right and left sides.
We wouldn’t be able to escape.

“What are we going to do, Golan?”
Saifo sounded frantic.

But I had never imagined that we would be in such a situation.

“This is no time for remorse!”

The enemy would arrive within thirty seconds. What could we do now?

Run? No. We’d be crushed.
Should we just charge in one direction? That was suicde. Even if we managed to delay things, the enemy would be at our heels in no time.

So what should we do? Twenty seconds.

“Hey, Golan. This is bad.”
“I’m thinking. Just shut up.”

Fifteen seconds.

If we can’t run and we can’t fight, then what was left?
I know! There is one way! One way of getting out of this.

Ten seconds.

There’s still time. Let’s go! My secret move…


“…Huh? What is this? Why’re you suddenly given’ me control… Whaaat!?”

Five seconds.

“Hey, Golan. Do something!”
“Sir Golan!!”

“That bastard!!!! He ran away!!!”

—The clash.

I pulled out the iron club and blocked the enemy’s sword at the last moment.
Then I smashed the enemy coming from behind me with the back of my fist, sending him flying into the air.

This all happened in half a second.

Then I kicked a nearby soldier, grabbed him by the neck and threw him as far as I could. That dealt with the fastest ones. But the main army would reach us soon.


I swung the iron club over my head, blowing away several enemy soldiers as I rushed into their formation.
Swords and spears shot towards me, but I blocked them all with a few soldiers I grabbed and held up as a shield. And like that, I moved deeper and deeper through their ranks.

“Retreat! All of you! Duck and run through this opening!”

I could barely tell what was happening now.
But I could hear the sounds of bodies colliding.
Things were clearly desperate.

This was more dangerous than I expected.
Thankfully, it seemed that Leninoth had sent Totoir, and so most of the soldiers were Wraiths.

Many of them were wearing cowls and were creatures I had never seen before.
And so we tried to blend in with them as we moved through the field.

At some point, the soldiers started to spread out more, and so we stood up.
And then we ran. At full speed.

“Hey, Golan. Slow down!”

“Shut up and run!”

I ran. I ran faster than I ever ran in my life.
After all, there were thousands of soldiers gathered here.

It would be the end of us if they realized what was happening.

“Run! Run! Run!”

How many times had I said that today? It was with such thoughts in my head that I ran in the lead and escaped the battlefield.

Just like Zhao Yun, who rushed through Cao Cao’s army while carrying the child of his master.

◎ Lesser Demon King Leninoth’s castle – Farneze

“Why? Why is Mujura here!?”

This was Lesser Demon King Leninoth’s castle. The throne room.

They had come here prepared to fight Leninoth. But here was the Great Hihi, Mujura.

Farneze’s mind was like a great storm then.

The castle was made to be very large in order to accommodate Leninoth, who was a Hecatoncheir.
And in this giant space, was Mujura, and a group of Hihi and Great Hihi.

In any case, Leninoth was not here.

So Mujura had not been sent to fight Gorgodan.
Was Gorgodan being ignored?

The thought occurred to her but was quickly dismissed. Leninoth was known for being cautious.
He was not a fool who would look at enemies lightly.
He would have had some kind of plan.

But if both Leninoth and Mujura were here, then there would be no point in fighting.
There was no possible way that they could win.

Farneze glared at Mujura.
He was covered in long fur, but she could see the muscles bulging from underneath.
She had heard that in spite of his size, he moved as if he weighed little.

Perhaps she could still win if she used everything that was at her disposal. But it would be a long fight.

“…We will retreat.”

Perhaps Totoir had been sent to deal with Gorgodan instead.
That meant the plan to make Leninoth send men to the north had failed.

She hadn’t expected Golan to fail her, but perhaps something had happened on the way.

And so Farneze took her subordinates and rose into the air. And like that, they escaped through the window.
She couldn’t help but look back towards the throne room one last time. It was eerily quiet.

In fact, Farnze could have escaped by using ‘Space Teleportation.’ But the others were unable to use it.
She wanted to get as far away from the castle as possible.

It was only after she was sure that there were no pursuers, that she sighed in relief.

“…That was close. We might not have made it if we had to fight.”
She had been so focused on fighting Leninoth, that Majurra’s appearance was a complete surprise.

“And we can’t take on two Lesser Demon Kings at once… No, wait…”

A certain thought came to Farneze’s mind.
Majura had been in the throne room.

She had assumed that Leninoth must then be somewhere close by. But was that really the case?
If Totoir headed north, and Majura was in the castle, then who went south?

“Surely it wasn’t Leninoth who went to deal with Gorgodan?”

While they were both giants, Leninoth was on a different level.
And when they were both the same race, it was hard to make up for the difference in power.

They would have nearly the same strengths and weaknesses. And so of course, the more advanced person would win.

“We have to go back at once.”

Farneze spread out her wings to the fullest and flew high into the air.

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