Makai Hongi – 157

Chapter 157

It wasn’t about stakes of holy power anymore. This was an actual invasion from the Celestial World.
Not only that, but they were apparently from the Eira Institution. An institution that was supposed to have been destroyed long ago.

Halm the Crystal Dragon was likely the strongest one inside of this barrier, and yet he seemed to be in a trance.
It must have been incredibly shocking for him. However, I needed him to return to himself quickly.

After the barrier was created, the sky opened up again. But this time, it was bigger.
The sounds caused a painful ringing in my ears. It somehow made me understand how difficult it was to create a hole through worlds.

The tear in the heavens was gradually trying to repair itself.
But from the other side, there was a power that was trying to force it open. It was the beginning of a battle beyond the sky.

I wanted to escape before anything else happened. But due to the spears that had rained down, there was now a barrier around us.
And there was nowhere to escape within the barrier.

This was bad. I had gathered a lot of information up until now, but had learned very little about the Celestial World.
This was because I hadn’t thought it was necessary.
I had gathered any information that I could about residents of the Demon World, even though I knew some of it wouldn’t be of any use. However, I had not expected to ever need information about the Celestial World.

“Tsk. I should have learned more while I had the chance!”

What kinds of methods of attack did they have? How could you measure their strength? What were their weaknesses?
In the first place, how could you kill them? Do I have to cut off their heads? Pierce them through the heart? I didn’t know anything.

“Surely they wouldn’t grow new arms after cutting them…”
“They would. It costs them holy power, but some of them have modified their bodies to make it possible.”

As I muttered to myself, Halm seemed to have snapped out of his stupor.
Body modifications, eh? While he said ‘modifications,’ I doubt this suggested they were technologically advanced.

Magic stones—it must be something they made based off the research they did on the Orbs of Control and other special fields.
However, clearly their curiosity included the insides of their own bodies.

“So they made a barrier around us. But can we break it?”
“If we destroyed all eight of the Celestial Spears, yes. But do you think the enemy is so inept as to let us?”

“No. In fact, I’m sure they are better than us.”
“Then you understand what will happen.”

“So their guard is perfect… Well, it looks like something is going to come out of the sky soon.”
Apparently, the Celestial World had won the battle of the sky.

I heard something that sounded like the breaking of thousands of panels of glass. And then the sky was torn wide open.
And from behind the tear, a flood of light rained down.

“Here they come. The researchers of Eira. The real…”

The figures that appeared were dressed in white, but they had wings.
Yes, like the wings of angels.

These residents of the Celestial World. Didn’t they come to earth over two thousand years ago as well?
There was an old man called Job, and he was tested or something.

It was as I was thinking about such things. The enemy directed their palms in our direction.
Immediately after, arrows of light shot out in every direction.

Then there was an explosion.
That’s what I thought.
In no way were those normal arrows. Every one of them exploded like they were rocket bombs.

With the sounds of destruction all around us, dust flew into the air along with pieces of flesh.
“How many were hit just now?!”

Surely it was more than ten.
Dozens of soldiers had probably been torn apart.

My instincts were telling me how dangerous it was.
It was too fast to dodge. And too strong to survive being hit. Once you were targeted, you would die immediately.

I braced myself for the next attack. But for some reason, it didn’t come.
As silence fell over the place, the eyes of the enemy fixed upon us.
They were still so far away, but they seemed to find us without a problem.

Maybe they had recognized Halm as the biggest obstacle.
They weren’t wrong either. Had I not been so close to him, I would have run away.
But I would be killed if I moved now.

And so I stood there, like a frog that was being stared at by a snake. And then three of them came towards us.
The people that Halm said were the real researchers.

“It seems that we made it in time.”
“Wormell. Where are your men?”

“I left them. After all, they will only be turned into dust if they join this fight.”
“I see. That is true.”

“Three against three. Well, that’s quite perfect.”
“So Dyle has not returned yet?”
“Am I not enough?”

It was Wormell who had come. Corps Commander Dyle’s Adjutant.
While he was huge, I had only seen him in the camp once.

Wormell was a type of Giant that they called Grendel.
He was over five meters tall, which made him stick out even when he was far away.

There was something so overpowering about him that you wondered why he wasn’t a Lesser Demon King. However, even though he was the strongest in his tribe, he was only an Adjutant in this country.
Damn it. The officers in this country were insane.

While they had been over three hundred meters away, the enemy was now right in front of us.
Both Halm and Wormell looked ready to fight. I could feel the anger pouring off of them.

There were three enemies. And so were… Hey, wait a minute.

Wait just one minute!

Calm down. Count the enemy.

One, two, three… Yes, they were three.

And here there was Halm…Wormell…and…me?!

No, no, no, no, no… It was ridiculous!

Didn’t Wormell just say it? I’ll be turned into dust.
Why don’t you young people take care of it this time…well, I am seventeen, but…

Shit. This was really bad.
But since I had no choice, I decided to use my ‘most powerful secret weapon.’

“I really didn’t want to have to do this.”

“Oh, I see that you’re eager.”
Wormell said as he patted me on the head.
I was still an Ogre. I was over two meters tall. But he treated me like a child.

No, nevermind that. There was no time.

I held my hands together. However, my index fingers were stretched out.
The left hand was on the bottom, and the right hand held the extended index finger of my left hand.

It was basically the pose that ninjas used.
Now I was ready.

—And now, I shall disa…!?

I couldn’t finish.
My ultimate escape skill had failed.

This was because the other me, the person who had never asserted himself before, had suddenly gone crazy inside of me. He was shouting, ‘Let me out! Let me out!’

(What!? What the hell!?)

But amidst my confusion, I was unable to escape. Instead, not having the power to resist the power, I was dragged inside.

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  1. Wait Golan is 17? Did that get mentioned before and I just forgot?

    Looks like the other Golan has some relation with the angels. And from the looks of things it isn’t friendly.

  2. other Golan is the demon king that he met as a child, or a part of him, my guess is that he injected some of his power int the other source of power in him.

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