Realist Demon King – 136

The Floating City’s Guest House

Berneze’s guest house was much more grand than I had imagined.

It had apparently been designed by a famous dwarven architect, and it combined both the majesty of stone and the warmth of wood.

If I had to compare it to buildings in other worlds, it would be the Palace of Versailles or the Rokumeikan. Of course, I had never seen those buildings in person, but it was clear that a lot of money had been spent on making this.

The guest house had a large garden with flowers and a fountain. And there was much to entertain visitors.

Even Jeanne looked excited, and she was usually only interested in food. She picked up the hem of her dress and dashed towards the fountain.

“Amazing! Amazing! So much water is coming out!”

She was almost childlike. Eve looked at her with a disapproving expression. She was clearly not amused at the prospect of the dress getting wet.

She was about to go and warn Jeanne, when I asked her,

“And why aren’t you wearing a dress, Eve?”


“Yes. You can dance very well, and are so beautiful. I’m sure the merchants of the floating city would be stunned in your presence.”

“You flatter me, Master.”

“I only state the truth.”

“Thank you. However, I am just a maid.”

She reminded me that maids do not wear dresses.

“I don’t think there is an actual law against it.”

“There is in my mind. This is not only my work uniform, but my battle armor and burial clothes. In fact, I would much rather die than wear something else.”

She would likely dress as a maid to her own wedding. Indeed, she had continued to dress like this even when in a dungeon. It didn’t matter how warm or how chilly it was. I suppose it really was some kind of rule she had for herself.

I knew that no thought out strategy would help me change her mind, and so she would participate as a servant. While I wanted to see Eve in a beautiful dress, it would have to wait for a different occasion. Instead, I would give her a mission that only she could complete.

“A mission?”

She asked with deep interest.

“Aye. There’s something that I’m curious about. And so I want you to act as a spy.”

“But wouldn’t Fuma Kotaro be a better fit for that?”

“Oh, he’s already helping me. But he only has one body. And I need more in order to be truly effective.”

“Indeed. I understand.”

And so she lent me her ear. I whispered into it. Once I was finished, she looked at me with surprise.

“Well, is that true?”

“I’m not sure. I hope that I’m wrong, because it would be very bad news if my intuition is correct. And as they say, forewarned is forearmed.”

“I understand. You are right. And so I shall do what I can.”

Eve said as she moved away and headed towards the person I had set my eyes on.

Just as she left, Jeanne approached me. She had information acquired from some of the other ladies that were present.

“Demon King, Demon King! I can’t believe this! There is a fountain not just in the garden, but also inside of the building!”

I decided to humor her.

“Well, this is a grand building. I don’t think it’s that strange.”

“Oh, but it’s not just fountains with water. There is one with chocolate. They said that it’s custard type.”

“I think you mean cascade.”

It was a kind of fountain with several layers.

“Perhaps you are right. You must come with me and see it.”

Jeanne insisted as she grabbed me by the hand. However, I could not oblige her.

“I’m the guest of honor tonight. And so is Ryoma. I would like to enter with her.”

I said as I searched for Ryoma. But she was looking at us from far away. She seemed like she wasn’t sure if she should be excited like Jeanne, or if she should act more like a lady.

Unlike Jeanne, who only cared about food, Ryoma was a merchant. And so she was not used to attending events like these. She had visited this place many times on business, but never while wearing a dress.

I could see that she was very nervous.
And so I walked up to her and told her to relax.

She answered,

“Oh, I know. When I get nervous, I draw a person in the palm of my hand and eat it.”

She showed me how it was done.
This was no use. I thought. And so I went down on one knee and said to her,

“Ryoma. Your beauty is the pride of the floating city. Don’t be nervous. It is you who should be looking down at the others from above.”

“Wh-what are you saying? I am not that beautiful.”

I wanted to show her a mirror. The beautiful half elf easily outshone anyone else in the gardens. Only Jeanne could stand next to her.

In fact, the other noblewomen seemed to avoid getting close to her. And it wasn’t out of spite. They just knew that it was in their best interest to not be compared.

Ryoma’s black hair and alluring figure caused most of them to shrink back.
I relayed all of this to her, and Ryoma finally seemed to feel confident.

“Ye-yes. If the Demon King who has a harem says so, then it must be true.”

I didn’t have a harem, but things would go smoother if I didn’t argue that point right now.
And so I escorted her like a knight, and we entered the house.

Jeanne followed us from behind. She was clearly not amused, but judging by the fact that she did not complain, she had clearly experienced some personal growth.

That’s what I thought.

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