Realist Demon King – 62

The Giant Toad


As we headed towards the fifth layer, I saw that it was covered in shallow water, just like Hanzo had said.

It was like a vast lake where the water only went up to your knees.

Apparently, this was the sort of environment that kelpie liked, or at least, allowed them to thrive.

I was even more worried about Yuri now.

I rushed towards them, but the sight that greeted us was most unexpected.

Yuri was no longer carrying any bags.

He had a short sword in his hand and was moving about.

He even matched the kelpie, which was quick in the water, no, he was even faster, as he attacked it.


The kelpie let out a pained shriek as its skin split open. But he continued his merciless attacks.


The kelpie attacked with its tail. It came so hard that it would have probably broken the bones of a troll.

However, the boy dodged it easily.


There was a loud bang and water flew in the air, but the boy calmly found his target through the splash, and then attacked again.


Jayce, the leader of the Adventurers, watched this in amazement.


“…As-astonishing. It this really Yuri the coward?”


The Sorceress watched the scene and said,


“Huh, he’s much stronger than you, Jayce.”


And the Warrior,


“Hey, hey. Is this real…”


I heard them and then spoke.


“This is Yuri’s true power. It seemed like you tormented him much. Perhaps he’ll get his revenge.”


Their faces went pale. I was very much amused.

It would be no more than they deserved, but I knew that this boy was kind-hearted.

He would show his power and save them. And then he would go right back to being their servant.


Of course, his position in the group would still improve. He wouldn’t be forced to carry their belongings.


Yes, that was for sure.

Yuri had overwhelmed the kelpie and was ready to deal the final blow.

His expression even changed.

His eyes were full of determination.

He looked like a man.


Yuri dodged the kelpie’s attack, rolled forward and used his momentum to land a blow straight between the kelpie’s eyes.


A savage attack. A deadly move.


The kelpie flailed around wildly, but its brain was destroyed.


And like that, the giant body crashed to the ground.


Then his comrades began to praise him, but Yuri’s expression looked severe.


He wasn’t angry that they had suddenly changed their tune.

It was because he knew that an even bigger threat was approaching.


“Mister Jayce, run!!”


Just as Yuri shouted this, a gigantic mass fell from the ceiling of the fifth layer.

The thing had a long tongue that stuck out. And then it ate the kelpie, which was the size of a hippopotamus.


“It-it just swallowed it whole!?”


Jayce said in horror.

It was a creature whose mouth seemed to be the same size as its body…

The giant creature that looked like a toad now glared towards us.


If it could eat kelpies, which were half mammal and half fish, then it could probably eat humans.


It looked at us with hunger in its eyes.

Then the tongue moved towards the Warrior.


It wrapped around the man in an instant, and just as it began to pull him in toward its mouth, Jayce found his courage and slashed at the tongue with his sword.


And so the Warrior was saved.


“…Yuri isn’t the only fighter here. I have experience!”


He growled. And then he charged towards the giant toad.


The Sorceress saw this and supported him with a volley of fireballs. The Monk began to free the wounded Warrior.


‘You guys…’ Yuri muttered as he saw this. He seemed to have found this all very touching.


Of course, he also immediately ran in to support Jayce, which was further proof that he was competent.


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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