Realist Demon King – 62


I also considered attacking the giant toad, but then thought better of it. I decided to support them instead.

As we were safe, I could chant at my leisure.

It wasn’t the usual short one, but a proper one.


‘O power of water, filled with tranquility,

Surround those with courage!

Water Barrier!’


When it was done, a layer of water surrounded all of the members of Yuri’s party.

As long as these barriers were up, the giant toad’s tongue would slip away from them.

And it could also block the toad’s attacks.


When the Monk was hit by the toad’s body slam, it was clear that he saw his impending death. And yet he received little damage, much to his surprise.


“Wh-what is this?”


He said in puzzlement.

Yuri explained.


“It’s the support of that great Sorcerer over there. He is using support magic.”


He pointed at me.


“I see. I am grateful then.”


The Monk bowed.

And then I said to them,


“It will save you from most of its attacks, but I wouldn’t allow it to crush you with its body. Be wary of its jumping attack.”


After I said this, the giant toad did exactly what I had predicted.

They were able to dodge the attack, but they now looked at me as if I were some kind of prophet.


“No, unfortunately. I’m just a Sorcerer.”


I muttered while looking at Yuri.


I considered casting support magic that would raise the party’s attack ability, but then I thought that it would be better to focus on Yuri.


And so I added a thunder attribute to Yuri’s short sword.

His blade now crackled with electricity.

It would now do significantly more damage.

Yuri gasped.


“Thi-this is amazing! What is it!?”


I explained.


“It is thunder magic. It is well-known that water creatures are weak to thunder.”


Yuri nodded with understanding and then shouted.


“Eat this attack from Mister Ashta!!”


Yuri shouted. While it didn’t seem like the giant toad was intimidated by it, it did seem to hesitate.


Perhaps it was confused that its attacks were being made ineffective by the defense magic.

And while it was confused, Yuri pierced its stomach with his sword.

At the same time, the lightning magic was unleashed, dealing immense damage to the giant toad.


The giant, boulder-like toad roared and then fell to the ground.

Jayce and the others saw this and cheered.

They ran to Yuri with warm words, but that turned out to be a mistake.


Because the giant toad was not actually dead.

Pure anger allowed it to rise suddenly, and then it let out a torrent of strong acid from its stomach.

It had used this attack for the first time.


The water barriers could not defend against the acid entirely, and so I used teleportation magic to move forward and pick up the boy.


Once I had moved him to safety, I said,


“You’re quite a strong monster. But you’ve chosen the wrong enemy to fight. If you are ever reborn, choose to be a tree frog and live in the fields.”


And in the next instant, I activated magic with my hand.

It was thunder magic. Lightning Bolt.

It appeared where there was nothing and hit its target perfectly.

This time, the giant toad was truly dead…I think.

Its skin was burned and it lay on its back without moving.

The others seemed to realize it as well, and they exploded with joy.


“In-incredible. What a Sorcerer…”


“You were great Yuri, but this Sorcerer was even stronger!”


The Sorceress turned to me and bowed her head. ‘Please take me on as your apprentice.’


It seemed that trust and respect had been earned in this battle today.

For both me and Yuri.


I returned to Eve as they showered me with praise.

‘I knew you would win.’ Jeanne said as she nibbled on some dried meat.

‘Good work.’ Eve said as she accepted my coat.

And that was how we defeated the guardian of the fifth layer.

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