Realist Demon King – 63

The Drifted Relic in the Bag


After I defeated the giant toad, Yuri’s superior, Jayce, came to me to express his gratitude.


“Thank you. Had you not been here, we might have all been dead by now.”


“It’s likely.’


I jested. But Jeanne was blunter.


“No, you would have been death without a doubt.”


Jayce looked a little crestfallen at this, but he also seemed to regret having put his party in such danger.


And so I decided not to push the issue any further. There were other matters to discuss.


“I believe you are called Jayce. From what I understand, this floor contains a treasure known as a ‘drifted relic.’”


“Aye. So you are also after it.”




And then I continued in an apologetic tone.


“While you seem to be after it as well, may I ask you to give this one to us?”


“What? Oh. Well, of course, we will. It’s you who defeated the guardian of this floor. And you even saved our lives. We can ask for nothing more.”


“Thank you.”


And then Jayce offered to cooperate even further.


He turned around to face the others.

“We will now go and search for this drifted relic that he is looking for. We will help him.”

They felt that it was the least they could do after I had saved their lives.


Good. This place was very big, and it would take a long time if it was just us.


And so we split up and searched the floor.


As most of them were fighters and sorcerers, they were not the best at searching. But they still had the experience of Adventurers.


On the other hand, my maid Eve and Saint Jeanne did not care for this kind of task.

After nearly an hour of searching, it was Yuri who first found something that looked suspicious.

There’s something strange here! He shouted. And so we gathered around.


It was an ordinary wall, but there was something odd. The color was a little different.


Perhaps there was a hidden door here. And so I called out Hanzo, who was a professional scout.


‘Certainly.’ He said as he put his ear to the wall and tapped it.


The sound it made allowed him to determine the type of hidden door.


After a few seconds, he turned to me and said,

“There is no trap.”


And so Jayce pushed the wall. And then with a loud grinding noise, the door opened.


“Oh, there it is!”


Jeanne said excitedly.

She tried to be the first to go in, but I stopped her.


“We don’t know what’s in there. We should leave it to Hanzo.”


And so I had Hanzo go in first.

He carefully moved inside. After one minute, he came back out with a small bag.

He said that a treasure chest was in the back, and this had been inside of the chest.


“It looks like an ordinary bag.”


But then again, I had heard that the drifted relic here was likely to have originated from a ninja or assassin, so it was not surprising.


Eve looked at it cooly.


“It appears to be related to a ninja.”


I agreed as I took the object out of the bag.

What came out was a ‘shuriken.’

A weapon from that other world called Japan.

There, assassins known as ninjas used these as weapons.

Hanzo looked at it and said,


“I believe it belonged to a great shinobi. Perhaps it is from the most respected ninja master, Hattori Hanzo.”


“Ah, I had been wondering about that. So that is where you got your name from.”


“Yes. Us kobold ninjas have a great reverence for him.”


According to him, this ninja known as Hattori Hanzo had been summoned a long time ago and had trained Hanzo’s ancestors. And that was the beginning of kobold ninjas.


It was all rather interesting, and I would have to hear more about it once we returned home.

And so I said my farewells to Yuri and the others.


“You all helped us greatly. If ever you need help, seek out the Demon King’s castle of Ashtaroth to the north. There, ask the guards to take you to see Ashta. Perhaps something good might happen.”


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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