Tensei Kenja – 146

A Very Proud Monster


‘Magic Tool Creation—Poison Detection.’


I said to a pebble on the ground.

And then the pebble started to glow blue.


And…just as the glow started to die down.

‘Ching…’ it rang. And then it began to vibrate.


It was similar to the reaction that occurred in Rikardo with the carbon monoxide.

So it was probably reacting to the poison.


Probably…there was a poison monster nearby.


“…This might be just the lead I was hoping for.”


I muttered as I moved the poison detector across the ground.

By doing this, I was able to determine which direction the pebble reacted to the strongest.


‘It’s over there.’




I told the Proud Wolf the direction that the ‘poison detector’ had indicated, and then had him run towards it.

And then gradually, the reaction of the poison detector became stronger.



‘There’s a monster!’


‘It…looks really strong!’


The slimes seemed to have found a monster that was much stronger than all of the others up until now.

The only thing left to do…was to find out if I could tame it.


‘It’s a huge bird!’


‘There’s a bird!’


The slimes said as they pointed to the monster.

I used Shared Senses and…yes, there indeed was a giant bird monster nearby.

It was likely the Cockatrice.


‘Giiiiii! Giiiiiiii!’


As I watched…it began to raise its voice.

It seemed like it hadn’t noticed us yet…but it was still a very ominous sound.


Its body was about the same size as a car.

Something like that would draw a lot of attention if it was flying in the sky…

And it was also poisonous. Maybe the receptionist was right about it not making a good pet.


But on the other hand, if I could successfully domesticate it, it would be an incredible transportation force.

It was worth giving it a try.


‘Monster Mutual Understanding.’


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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  1. Yeah, I still don’t want such a dangerous and huge birb as a pet. Set it on fire, maybe it will evolve into a phoenix 😀

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