Tensei Kenja – 146


As I was going to try and befriend it, I should start off peacefully.

…If that didn’t work, I would have to negotiate with brute force.


‘Hey! Would you like to join our party?’


It seemed like it would attack us if we got close, so I called to it from a distance.

And then the Cockatrice turned to face us.


‘Hmm? …Are you a human? How is it that you understand our speech?’



I now knew that we could communicate.


‘I have magic that connects monsters to humans, so I used that.’


‘…That’s very odd magic for a human to use. And…what is it that you were asking?’


‘I asked if you wanted to join us.’


The Cockatrice heard this and laughed loudly.

Apparently, this proposal was deserving of much ridicule to the Cockatrice.


‘How foolish. I am a proud and noble monster. Why would I aid a mere human…’


Then the Cockatrice turned to the Proud Wolf.

As for the Proud Wolf…he was scared and hiding half of his body behind a tree.


‘What is that wolf?’


‘Him? He’s a Proud Wolf that I tamed a little while ago.’


‘Yes! …Mighty Cockatrice, please join us!’


The Proud Wolf said from behind the tree.

This made the Cockatrice furious.

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  1. It’s not a mere cockatrice, is it? It’s a higher class variant or something, and would HATE to be confused for a lesser.

  2. Is it weird to think of KFC and drumsticks instead of a pet cockatrice?
    These adorable magical puddings deserve better rides, so it’s up to the feathery monster to prove itself worthy, if you ask me.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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