Tensei Kenja – 147

A Very Proud Dirtbag Monster


‘You! Do you have no pride as a Proud Wolf? You are the servant of a human!’


‘Oh, shut up! If you become one of Yuji’s underlings, you would know how nice it is!’


‘…Why, you…’


‘Wagh!? …Mister Yuji, this guy is scary! Please just kill him already!’


The Proud Wolf screeched as he remained firmly planted behind the tree.

The Cockatrice looked at the Proud Wolf…and said,


‘…What a noisy wolf. However, I am in a good mood. After all, this seems to be my lucky day.’


‘Lucky day? …What happened?’


‘Aye. I caught some very delicious looking prey without any effort.’


‘Delicious prey…?’


Was he talking about the Eagle Wolf?

The meat was considered to be bad for humans, but monsters enjoyed it.

As I thought about this…the Cockatrice moved.


‘You don’t know? Human meat is very tasty. Especially…eating a human while they are kept alive by paralysis poison!’


The Cockatrice shouted. Then he spat out a stream of purple liquid.


I see.

So the delicious prey was me.


‘Physical Reflect Barrier!’


I quickly chanted to raise the defense magic.

The barrier stopped the purple liquid, but…it still spread out all around us.

The poison detection device started to vibrate violently.


“…Yes…so it’s this guy after all.’


…Unfortunately, I couldn’t tame a monster that had developed a taste for human flesh.

While it was a flying monster, there were too many problems with this one.


Well, at least he was also a jerk…

Otherwise, it would be harder to have to kill him.

Not only that, but he had launched an attack without warning, so there was no need to hold back.




I unleashed the magic towards the Cockatrice.

But…The Cockatrice quickly flapped his wings and dodged it.

The Fireball flew off and it exploded into a nearby tree.


“He’s surprisingly fast…”


I muttered as I put out the fire with water magic.

As the thing was so big, I had assumed that it would be slow…but you couldn’t judge monsters by appearances.


‘What…what was with that magic! There is no way that human magic is that strong!’


‘Oh, you shouldn’t compare Mister Yuji with your average human! Even dragons are nothing against Mister Yuji!’


‘…I-I don’t have time to deal with such a freak!’


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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  1. Yeah, the big and bad monster is haughty until the fireball comes out, then he suddenly remembers he’s got something to do. What can I say, it’s refreshing to see a monster similar to puny villains 😀

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