10 Years After – 235

The Problem Over Who Should Go


Kathe had had her face close to me, but she now flinched and jumped back.

That meant a distance of about 10 steps. That was how large the wind dragon ruler’s body was.


“Ah! Dad. Don’t approach us while erasing your presence like that!”

“I didn’t erase anything. You just let your guard down, that’s all.”


And then Dorgo landed next to me. Eric and Goran were riding on his back.

Indeed, they had asked me to wait for 10 minutes. However, I hadn’t expected them to actually arrive within 10 minutes.

It should have been quite difficult, even with the wings of a wind dragon.


I bowed my head to Dorgo.


“I’m sorry. You must be very busy right now.”

“No-no! I was just thinking about paying my daughter a visit.”


Dorgo said with a laugh. I turned to Eric and Goran as they got off of Dorgo’s back.


“You were awfully quick.”

“Of course, we are. We all happened to be together at the palace.”

“And so it was possible to come here at such short notice.”


Eric and Goran looked a little smug.


“What? You flew here from the palace?”

“No, we wouldn’t do that. It would cause quite a scene.”


“We left the city through your mansion and then took off from there.”


Eric, Goran, and Dorgo were very fast on their feet.

Honestly, now I was worried about all the rumors that would spread after people saw them running.


Eric immediately started to inspect the area and then turned to the teleportation circle.

It was still active.

A dim, shining magic circle was floating in the air above the fist-sized device.


“So, this is the teleportation circle that you were talking about?”

“Yes. An army of vampires that even included High Lords came out of this thing.”

“Well, we should go inside then.”


Eric seemed very excited.


“But first, we should contact the beastkin wolves.”

“I already did that while we were flying. Don’t worry.”


So he had done it while riding Dorgo. That was the king for you. He knew what he was doing.

Just then, Serulis shouted towards us.


“I’m going too!”

“Serulis. You are staying right here.”


Goran said bluntly. I’d seen this happen a few times before.

Serulis looked very dejected as I turned to her.


“I know that you’ve grown a lot, but we can’t predict what will happen on the other side.”

“You’re saying that there’s a high likelihood that I won’t be able to deal with it?”

“To be honest, yes. But we also don’t know what will happen here as well. It would be best to leave people here who can fight.”


This was, of course, partly to console her, but it wasn’t just that.

We really did need to leave fighters as well.


However, Kathe tilted her head in puzzlement.


“Hmm. I can understand why you wouldn’t take Nia or Luchila. But surely Serulis can handle herself out there?”

“Kathe, you may say that, but…”

“You’re taking Shia, aren’t you?”

“Yes, of course, I am going. After all, it was the beastkin settlements that were attacked.”


Shia said without hesitation.

The beastkin wolves were vampire hunters, and yet the vampires had attacked them.

Not only that, but the assault had included the twelve mansions of the chiefs.


“This is clearly a declaration of all-out war.”



I wasn’t sure how to answer her.

After all, the vampires and beastkin had been fighting for ages. How would a declaration of war have any meaning at this point?


“Considering that they used a giant bomb, they meant to annihilate us all.”


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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