10 Years After – 235


“I understand how you feel, Shia… But…”


Goran thought for a moment.


As for me, I thought the vampires were actually targeting the palace.

The beastkin would have had trouble analyzing the bomb.

The likely scenario would have been for them to ask the palace sorcerers and alchemists for help. That way, the bomb would have been taken to the palace within the city.

And that’s when it would have exploded.


“…That being said, they couldn’t have expected things to be carried out so quickly.”

And yet, the vampires had come out as if they had been ready.

Perhaps they didn’t care if it was the beastkin or the palace that was destroyed.


“Mister Locke is right.”

Shia said as she looked at us.


“And so it is impossible that we beastkin wolves will not participate in the fight.”


And yet, we clearly did not have time to wait for the others to arrive.

Nia was much too young. And so we’d have no choice but to take Shia.


“If Shia can go, then so can I!”

“I don’t know…”

Goran still had his doubts.


“Why not? There’s a saying, ‘throw the cute children into the tiger’s den.’”

“…No there isn’t. I’ve never heard of such a saying.”


I said. And then Dorgo muttered.


“…Well, there is, actually. Among us dragons.”

“Is that true?”

“Yes. And sometimes, we actually do it.”


But dragon children were strong. I guess that’s how different they were from weak humans.

After hearing Kathe’s advice, Eric said to Goran in a quiet voice,


“Goran. Why not allow her? She is already a first-rate warrior. Though, it will be dangerous…”

“…Indeed. Serulis. I will allow you to come then, but you must listen to my orders. And you better not go charging into the enemy on your own.”

“I know that. Thank you!”


Serulis looked very happy. However, Goran remained anxious as he whispered to me.


“Locke. I’m counting on you to help me.”

“I know. Don’t worry.”


I smiled in an attempt to calm him.

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