Tensei Kenja – 30

I Captured The Enemy


‘Magic Transfer–Magic Throwing Net!”


In this world, you were often encouraged to execute criminals on the spot.

Normally, there would be the issue of whether they truly were guilty, but since they had tools to determine if someone was lying, things went much more smoothly here.


Still…I decided to capture him with magic.

It wasn’t out of a sense of pity.

We currently lacked information, and any person who could help us with that was worth keeping alive for now.




‘Magic Transfer–Fireball!’


After capturing him, I used ‘Fireball’ to destroy the stick he was using to hold the cursed stone.

And then–


‘Curse Break: Extreme!’


Last time I had used the normal Curse Break, but that had resulted in monsters spilling out.

So maybe if I cleansed it completely with advanced magic…




Right in front of the man who had brought it, the once black magic stone turned pure white in a flash. And then it vanished.

Yes, as long as you broke the curse all at once, you could nullify it safely.


Now I just needed to take the culprit back to town and have him questioned…


“Tsk… To save this tarnished world!”


Just as the stone disappeared, the man shouted these words and stabbed himself in the neck with a knife.




While I was still stunned, he continued by stabbing himself in the chest and head. And then he died.


…He had killed himself.

It was understandable if he didn’t want to be questioned, but it seemed way too early to do something so decisive.


I would have thought he would at least try and escape first…

But then again, it was possible that he was being mind-controlled by whoever orchestrated this.


In any case…I needed to report this to the guild. As soon as possible.

And so I ran back to town in a hurry.


The problem wasn’t that he had brought a magic stone.

The problem was that they were bringing in other magic stones than the one that had created the swarm of monsters.


Considering he had killed himself, there must be others besides him.

I could imagine a horrifyingly large crime organization in the shadows.


That created another problem.


I didn’t know what their purpose was–but this suggested that there were others like this man.

If there were many of them, they were probably placing these stones in other areas as well.

That meant there were likely many monsters outside of my security net…


Just as I thought this, a slime contacted me.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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  1. Ok, now I understand why the manga is quite different here. The magic net shouldn’t allow that evil dude to stab himself anymore, so they switched to something in his tooth. Of course so far in the WN there is no evidence that the magic net would completely restrict movement, but still, someone caught in a net shouldn’t be able to grab a knife and then turn himself into Swiss cheese.
    Thanks for the translation!

    • Depends on how the net is secured, a hanging net, using your own weight to keep it taut, might not allow you to move a hand, but a hand thrown fishing net like the gladiators use in media, might only snag a few body parts securely, leaving at least one hand free to cut you lose…or suicide.

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