Tensei Kenja – 30


‘Yuji! Yuji!’


‘What is it?’


‘Lots of monsters are appearing from behind us!’


‘They are still far away, but there are so many of them!’


“They’re coming from over there as well!’


…So it seemed that I was right.


I had used my Tamer skills to strengthen their scouting abilities.


And so they were quick to notice that other monsters were appearing.

With so many monsters about, it would be difficult to have the slimes gather in one place.


I could also use Hellfire of Death to kill a lot of the monsters at once, but I should probably wait until there were more.

If I did it now, most of them would escape.


…And so I would have the slimes hide and protect themselves for now.


‘Proud Wolf! Take as many of the slimes as you can and return to town! The rest of you, go and hide until I give you further orders!’






‘They won’t find me!’


I could hear the slimes and Proud Wolf moving hurriedly around as I headed for the guild.

The situation was becoming incredibly dangerous.

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