Tensei Kenja – 6

I Sent Reinforcements


‘Could I ask you to go out and scout?’


I was in my room in an inn and talking to the united slimes(called Big Slime, according to their status) through telepathy.




‘Which way?’


‘Should we split up?’


They seemed quite willing.


‘It’s dangerous today, so stay together as one clump as you move. And you can return if things look too dangerous.’




So saying, the slime went out the window.

I used ‘Shared Senses’ to watch them from my room.


I considered if it wouldn’t be better to go with them, but it ultimately seemed safer to transfer magic instead.


‘You might be targeted if humans see you, so be careful as you go.’




I said as I activated ‘Tamer Detection.’


While connected with the slimes from the inn, I looked through the list of skills I had acquired.

This was one of the skills I had found.


A lot of the Tamer skills didn’t use MP, and so I could use them at times like this where my MP was low.


‘Hmm…there does seem to be a lot of monsters nearby.’


By using Tamer Detection, I was able to sense the presence of humans and monsters.

And there were quite a lot of monsters.

It seemed like the Adventurers were fighting to protect the town from them.


‘…I wonder if I can use this skill.’


I said as I activated a new skill I had found, ‘Monster Conceal.’

It seemed like a skill that allowed you to hide the monster that you tamed.

With this, I would be able to see the Adventurers fighting the monsters from a closer distance while staying safe.


‘Ohhh, we’re hidden now!’


The slimes said, and I could see that the body was even more transparent than before.

It was unlikely that they would be seen in this darkness.


‘Alright, now try and get as close as you can to the nearest group of Adventurers, without getting caught.’




And so the slime moved closer to the Adventurers.

Now I could see them fighting.


‘…It kind of looks like they’re struggling…’


‘There are so many monsters!’


Three Adventurers were fighting five monster wolves.

It seemed like, due to the number of enemies, they were being pushed back.


‘Hey, uh…isn’t that Gale?!”


Gale had given me the warning not to go out today and also told me about the test at the guild.

I wanted to help him somehow…


‘Hey, could you get a little closer?’




And so the slimes moved even closer to the Adventurers.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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